Find Your Tribe


Find Your Tribe

Hey everyone!! This page is just for you…yes you! We understand that due to different time zones some of you are not able to participate in all the loops. However, this page will give you a chance to not only grow your platform, but also give you a chance to participate in every single activity that will be given from here on out.

Important Notice

You must be following all the admins on all of their platforms to stay up to date. Each admin will be in charge of the schedule, and will be able to change each activity for each day. So stay updated because once the week of one admin is up, the other admin will have this schedule in any platform that they decide. (Note:The Loops on Instagram might change so keep an eye out!)

You will have 24 hours to complete each activity. Remember that this group is to make new friends, grow our platform, give advice, and most important of all encourage one another to do better! We do not tolerate comments that will make others feel bad, and if that happens you will be removed from the group. WE WILL BE CHECKING! Remember we all have a tracker too!!! 

Find Your Tribe Pages

Our Instagram:

Our Facebook: 

The Admins

Chelsey – Instagram: Raising.Arrows.x2 &

Kelsea- Instagram: k10eee

Michele- Instagram: Mishipcm &

Tiffani- Instagram: MamaDramaPlus2

(Note: Click on the links to be redirected to their page.) 

Here is the schedule

  1. Instagram Loop (See our Ig for details)
  2. Email Blog Subscribing 
  1. Google Plus Following
  2. Pinterest Following
  1. Facebook Page Following
  2. Instagram Loop (See our Ig for details)
  1. Twitter Following
  2. Blog Following (Not Email subscribing)
  1. Blog Post Like
  2. Pinterest Repinning
  3. Instagram Loop (See our Ig for details)
  1. LinkedIn Connect
  2. Instagram Loop (See our Ig for details)

Great job everyone today is REST DAY!!! Get ready for another successful week!!!!!! 


If any of you have any questions please feel free to message us on Instagram (Find Your Tribe) or on Facebook (Find Your Tribe) . Click on the links to be redirected to the page!!!! Until then, we hope all of you take advantage of this group, and spread the word to other aspiring creators. We can’t wait to see your content!!! With this being said, we hope you have a great day or night depending on where you are located.

♥- The admins of Find Your Tribe