Food you MUST try

I love searching on YouTube new things to try out, and by far there is one channel that I am obsessed!  Well, okay scratch that off there has always been one of my favorite actors, but at the same time SHE CAN SING! I am talking about the iconic Tia Mowry! Today I will beContinue reading “Food you MUST try”

hi there

This whole week has been filled with excitement, adventure, and most of all surprise planning for what’s to come! I am so happy to know that God has been working non-stop! Also, before I go on with my blog post, I would like to announce that I had an interview which you guys can seeContinue reading “hi there”

Homemade Nutella Latte!

Alright, so as I am sitting here (about to actually study) I started to think on how October has gone by SUPER FAST! It just feels that we started this month yesterday don’t ya think? Also, the climate has changed drastically where I live at because now it is super cold. I love the coldContinue reading “Homemade Nutella Latte!”

Nutella Icy Espresso!

Alright everyone!! A brand new video is finally up on my channel! This is how to make a delicious Nutella Espresso, and I am also in the making of other videos on how to make quick delicious snacks. If you would like to see how I made this piece of art go check out my videoContinue reading “Nutella Icy Espresso!”

Food Adventures: Cuban!

As many of you may know I have a STRONG relationship with FOOD! Yesterday during my lunch break, I was craving for Cuban food because well…I saw a video from Buzzfeed where the “Try Guys” were trying out Cuban food and their traditions lol! I personally have a cousin who is half Cuban and GuatemalanContinue reading “Food Adventures: Cuban!”

Food Adventure: Korean BBQ

Well where do I start? I am in LOVE with Korean BBQ! It was one of the best experiences that I ever had, and totally worth the price. Just look at these pictures!


How many of you live in the Chicago land area!? Or how many of you are planning to visit this amazing city? Well I have just the spot for you guys to go and get amazing deserts! I stopped by Hendrickx Bakery to get this amazing desert.   They also have the following: Hungry yet?Continue reading “Desserts”