Unboxing BzzAgent

Alright, Up next is BzzAgent!  If any of you LOVE energy drinks then this is for you!     I have tried all of them already! I love all of these flavors, but what I love the most is how it gave me a boost. I found myself more awake, which I liked, but alsoContinue reading “Unboxing BzzAgent”

Unboxing PinchMe

Hey everyone! here I introduced PinchMe! Like I said in my previous blog post it felt like Christmas seeing the mailman bringing in these amazing goodies! The first thing in this box that I got was Sensodyne toothpaste: I know about this toothpaste because I am a user lol! For people who have sensitive teeth orContinue reading “Unboxing PinchMe”

Unboxing Influenster

Hey you guys! This week felt like Christmas when I saw that the mailman gave me all my boxes! Let me get right into it!  The first one you see here is from Influenster! and the other ones I will write a separate blog for each one!    Let me start with the first productContinue reading “Unboxing Influenster”

Sunday Devotional

Alright its Sunday Devotional you guys! Today I want to talk about a verse that stood out for me this whole entire week, and I know this is just God testing my faith because I am going through a time where I need to be stronger than ever. The verse is the following: Do notContinue reading “Sunday Devotional”

Weekend Loading…

The week finally ended! I cannot believe how this week ended so fast. If felt like if it was just yesterday that I was rushing just to finish up a lab report to turn in to my professor lol! Anyways how are you guys? You know I have so many thing to tell ya’ll becauseContinue reading “Weekend Loading…”

Oh Monday!

Monday started off good! My classes are finally picked out for next semester meaning I will be done by Spring of 2018! I cannot believe that I am so close to graduation, and about to complete my goal. It feels like yesterday as if I just started to decide what major I was going toContinue reading “Oh Monday!”


How many of you live in the Chicago land area!? Or how many of you are planning to visit this amazing city? Well I have just the spot for you guys to go and get amazing deserts! I stopped by Hendrickx Bakery to get this amazing desert.   They also have the following: Hungry yet?Continue reading “Desserts”

Sunday Devotional

Its time for a Sunday Devotional! Today in the morning I did not go to church because I am still sick. Anyways, as I started to pray I remember of what happened yesterday. My sister and I were at home and we started to hear a song that I used to sing to her whenContinue reading “Sunday Devotional”

Review on Pond’s

As many of you ladies know…Make-up is LIFE! Once you step into Sephora or ULTA you know darn well you will not leave without buying something from those stores lol! (well at least I don’t leave empty handed lol!) But we have to admit that sometimes it is a pain to take off the makeup,Continue reading “Review on Pond’s”