Mothers Day Poem

Your love is like a river peaceful indeed, and you help others when one is in need. The way that I admire you  I can never explain because you are a super woman that helps me to always be sane. Your soul is like a secret that I can never understand, how beautiful you areContinue reading “Mothers Day Poem”


Are you looking for a job? Well I have one for you if you are interested keep reading:  Work non-stop 24 hours 7 days a week.  No vacation days because for this job there is no such things as a vacation.  There will be days where you will get tired, but that is just normal.Continue reading “Job..MUST READ!”

Poem: Sister

For every hour, for every second, for every minute, for each day, I praise God he made you unique, and special in your own way. My life changed since the day you were born, there were feelings that I could not express before. From being happy to anxious I never knew the journey that wasContinue reading “Poem: Sister”


14 years ago on May 9,2003 I remember I was waiting impatiently for my amazing gift. I was so nervous, excited, and super anxious because my present was a big one. That gift was my baby sister Ashley! She was finally born yet I still could not believe it because for me she was aContinue reading “Birthday!”


Finally I am on vacation! It took me a while to write anything because I was trying to get my energy back by sleeping lol! Studying really takes out a good amount of energy from you, but at the end of the day everything is worth it. So far I have just been sleeping, andContinue reading “Finally…Vacation!”

Poem: Dreams

A girl with a dream, A girl with a plan, never would she thought that with one simple step, is where it all began. Walking down the hallway, tearing up at times, school and work were hard but she always stood up to fight. From dealing with bullies, to getting some friends, she would alwaysContinue reading “Poem: Dreams”

Good-Bye April!

Wow this month flew by fast! It honestly feel that we just started with the month of April just yesterday. Although this is true, I am actually happy that this month is gone because I lost two very important people of the family. My best friend died as well as my dads best Friend, andContinue reading “Good-Bye April!”