11 ways to improve for 2019

11 ways to improve for 2019 in which I hope you take into consideration! This is some helpful information that will make things a little bit easier for you this year.

Blogging Tips for Beginners

A few tips for people who want to start their own blog. Click here to read more and I hope this helps you out if YOU are starting to work on a blog!

How to start Working-Out

Let’s be real! Starting to work out can be very frustrating because you wished everything happened quick, and by quick I mean getting results. However, this does not work that way because everything happens at a certain pace. Meaning for some it can happen fast or some others it can be slow and this isContinue reading “How to start Working-Out”


And 2018 is officially DONE! 3….2….1….. Drum-roll please………   A few things that I learned from 2018 were the following: 1. Put myself first. 2. Took away the people that put me down. 3. Learned to read people between their fake smiles.  4. Kept working out and started living a healthy life style.  5. EnjoyedContinue reading “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019”

What I eat now

So as you all know I am doing my health journey more serious than I ever had! Today I will share you a few things that I now eat, and also how it improved my health. Are you ready? Here it goes: 1. Fruits 2. Veggies I bet you were expecting a huge list huh?Continue reading “What I eat now”

The best in Me

For you I am grateful. For you I am blessed. Because of you I know who I am. Because of you I know where I belong. These are some of the words that were in my mind as I was hearing this song called “The Best In Me” I will link it down below. ItContinue reading “The best in Me”