Sunday Devotional

I didn’t do a Sunday Devotional last week because I was going through a tough time, but now I am doing one that reflects not only where I am standing today but I think a lot of you would want to see this.  The verse that I picked which is speaking to me right nowContinue reading “Sunday Devotional”


AHHH!!! I am going insane! It is almost close to the finish line, and by that I mean the final exam week! I am amazed at how I tackled so many things in a such short period of time. I had so many labs due this week, 2 presentations, and home-works to give in thatContinue reading “Finals!”

Ahh yes!

As all of you may know I LOVE FOOD! lol! I usually find myself in a crazy food adventure, and I end up loving it! This week as finals are stressing me out I went to this Fresh Market Place called Petes and their desserts are just simply breathtaking! Just take a look at these twoContinue reading “Ahh yes!”

From Messy to…

Keep reading if you want to find out about something you might like…. Ah!!! Okay so as the weeks of finals are getting so close I bet I am not the only one who is running around trying to organize things that need to be done am I not correct? lol! This is A SIMPLE thingContinue reading “From Messy to…”

Poem Life

Things happen for a reason sometimes we don’t understand… because things in our life turn out good or turn out bad. Situations come and go yet sometimes we don’t know for sure if the last day of our life is closer than it was before. Some of you live to actually fight, but why don’tContinue reading “Poem Life”

Life Is Short

This week has been very stressful for me…a good friend of mine who was like my brother passed away. It got me thinking of the concept of life, and how it is very short. Even with a blink of an eye you can miss so much of what this earth has to offer. There areContinue reading “Life Is Short”


Many people around the world during this month think of Easter as in the “Easter egg hunt” or getting together with family, and friends to just have a good time. No one actually stops to think during this time what the real reason behind this weekend really is, or they try to ignore it becauseContinue reading “Easter”

Unboxing Exactly

Last Unboxing of the day! So exciting!   Alright lets get right into the products because there are a lot!    Pure Leaf – $ 4.99 at Target Chocolate TCHO-  WHOSSH!- $9.99 at Target Bras- Cascade- $3.99 at Target Now and Later Sour Shell Shock- $5.99 at Target Aussie- $5.99 at Target Ebooks ForContinue reading “Unboxing Exactly”