Sunday Devotional

For today since it is Mothers day, I want to dedicate this to them. Go to the bible dear mothers to the chapter of Proverbs 31: 10-30. I would write the whole chapter on here if it was possible, but I want all of you to find it on your own. All of you areContinue reading “Sunday Devotional”

Mothers Day Poem

Your love is like a river peaceful indeed, and you help others when one is in need. The way that I admire you  I can never explain because you are a super woman that helps me to always be sane. Your soul is like a secret that I can never understand, how beautiful you areContinue reading “Mothers Day Poem”


Are you looking for a job? Well I have one for you if you are interested keep reading:  Work non-stop 24 hours 7 days a week.  No vacation days because for this job there is no such things as a vacation.  There will be days where you will get tired, but that is just normal.Continue reading “Job..MUST READ!”

Poem: Sister

For every hour, for every second, for every minute, for each day, I praise God he made you unique, and special in your own way. My life changed since the day you were born, there were feelings that I could not express before. From being happy to anxious I never knew the journey that wasContinue reading “Poem: Sister”


14 years ago on May 9,2003 I remember I was waiting impatiently for my amazing gift. I was so nervous, excited, and super anxious because my present was a big one. That gift was my baby sister Ashley! She was finally born yet I still could not believe it because for me she was aContinue reading “Birthday!”


Finally I am on vacation! It took me a while to write anything because I was trying to get my energy back by sleeping lol! Studying really takes out a good amount of energy from you, but at the end of the day everything is worth it. So far I have just been sleeping, andContinue reading “Finally…Vacation!”