Food Adventures: Cuban!

As many of you may know I have a STRONG relationship with FOOD! Yesterday during my lunch break, I was craving for Cuban food because well…I saw a video from Buzzfeed where the “Try Guys” were trying out Cuban food and their traditions lol! I personally have a cousin who is half Cuban and GuatemalanContinue reading “Food Adventures: Cuban!”

Beautiful Guatemala

2 weeks without posting, but now I am back!  Hey everyone!! Man oh man these 2 weeks flew by so quickly that I even lost track of the time! As some of you may have already known, I traveled to Guatemala to see my mothers side of the family. The fact that I have noContinue reading “Beautiful Guatemala”


Ahhh! So I am traveling tomorrow and I still have not packed…I am just sitting here thinking of work, and hearing music….that is what happens when you work too much lol! Plane rides are literally the best! I have the habit that whenever I travel I try my best to get the window seat.

Déjà vu

Hey ya’ll! Have any of you ever had a dream that felt so real that when you wake up you think it happened the day before? Well, this happened to me today when I woke up. I was dreaming that I was in an event that I was leading, and when I woke up itContinue reading “Déjà vu”

Food Adventure: Korean BBQ

Well where do I start? I am in LOVE with Korean BBQ! It was one of the best experiences that I ever had, and totally worth the price. Just look at these pictures!

Sunday Devotional

For today since it is Mothers day, I want to dedicate this to them. Go to the bible dear mothers to the chapter of Proverbs 31: 10-30. I would write the whole chapter on here if it was possible, but I want all of you to find it on your own. All of you areContinue reading “Sunday Devotional”