Daily Goodie Box

All right who always gets excited when something arrives in the mail? I am pretty sure that I am NOT the only one! It feels like Christmas all over again which is my story for today! I am so excited because I have finally received my first Daily Goodie Box in the mail! The followingContinue reading “Daily Goodie Box”

Exam Environment

Are you a student where you are struggling to study for an exam? I honestly cannot believe I am writing this post, but I have some suggestions for you! I am the type of girl where I get tired of studying in the same place every single time. Here are some of the things thatContinue reading “Exam Environment”

Homemade Nutella Latte!

Alright, so as I am sitting here (about to actually study) I started to think on how October has gone by SUPER FAST! It just feels that we started this month yesterday don’t ya think? Also, the climate has changed drastically where I live at because now it is super cold. I love the coldContinue reading “Homemade Nutella Latte!”

Nutella Icy Espresso!

Alright everyone!! A brand new video is finally up on my channel! This is how to make a delicious Nutella Espresso, and I am also in the making of other videos on how to make quick delicious snacks. If you would like to see how I made this piece of art go check out my videoContinue reading “Nutella Icy Espresso!”


God. The reason why I breathe. The reason why I live. The reason behind the smile with all the good news I have within.  God. The strength that I gain. The faith that I obtain. The process of healing when I am feeling in pain. God.  My reason to laugh. My reason to sing. MyContinue reading “God.”

Depression Through My Eyes

Depression. A word that makes me want to cover up in my sheets, and never come out. Depression. The sense that no one would possibly understand because their lives seem to be too “perfect”.  Depression. What some people in the world go through because it is just like a disease that only they can understand. Continue reading “Depression Through My Eyes”