Free products!

Okay…Alright…Okay… Today I will share with you all the sites that I use (& many other well known bloggers use) to get FREE MAKEUP PRODUCTS with FREE SHIPPING!! This also involves free snacks and much more!! Are you ready? Sit back, relax, and get ready to check out the sites where I get stuff toContinue reading “Free products!”

Early Present

Hey everyone!! It has been a few days I haven’t blogged because I am trying to enjoy this vacation by sleeping a little bit more. I even forgot how it felt waking up a little bit late, and also the feeling of going to sleep super early. Am I getting old for saying that? lol!Continue reading “Early Present”

12 Days of Christmas Tag

  It’s December ya’ll!! So that means its time for 12 days of Christmas tag! I was inspired by RYAN AT UNI Christmas Tag so check out the one he did!! Christmas is my favorite time of year and this is a perfect way to start out this month.  1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie/s? My favoriteContinue reading “12 Days of Christmas Tag”

Fenty Beauty Review!

Drum Roll please….I FINALLY got my fenty beauty lip gloss!!! Alright so here is my HONEST opinion on the product. First, if you guys want to see me un-box the product click here to see the CLOSE UP on how it looks like: Youtube: Fenty Beauty Unbox!!! If you guys see the video you willContinue reading “Fenty Beauty Review!”

Happy Thanksgiving

Hey ya’ll…HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I hope you guys are having the most amazing day today with your family, and friends!!! This day gets me so happy because there is just so much food on the table, and I am just hyped by all the smells coming from the kitchen. I am so thankful for the thingsContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving”

Fall Favorite

Alright lets talk about fashion!!! I am about to show you guys some amazing clothes from Poppy Apparel, and just to let you know that if you my code: MishiPcm you can actually get a 10% off!!! I will be showing you the ones I LOVE and are cheap! Especially if you guys want toContinue reading “Fall Favorite”

Thanksgiving Eve

It is Thanksgiving Eve ya’ll!!! This is one of my favorite holidays because this means, tomorrow is thanksgiving, and in a few weeks will be….CHRISTMAS!!!! Let’s not forget about Black Friday & Cyber Monday! What I love more about the day before thanksgiving is the fact that my mother cooks as if there is noContinue reading “Thanksgiving Eve”