I was feeling epic

Hi….how are ya? From dropping 20 pounds (not stopping there though), to a new lifestyle. marriage, and more….it feels so good to be back!

Positive for Covid19

This is the reason why I haven’t been posting so much during this lock-down. Before you read please keep in mind that everyone who gets this virus may experience something different. Thank you. How does it feel finding out that you have covid19? Anxiety, depression, and uncertainty of not knowing if you will be makingContinue reading “Positive for Covid19”

Hello YouTube

Today I made the decision to reopen my YouTube channel for good….please check out my cover with the link below!!! Before I continue, I want to say that the first video is dedicated to my team members, and to all of my kids that I have had the chance to mentor in leading them toContinue reading “Hello YouTube”

The End of a Decade

As I sit here thinking about the previous years, the only thing that goes through my mind is, “Dang…Won’t he do it?!” Let’s go way back and see how much I changed.  2010– Started fresh at Triton college after taking a year off from school, had a job at a hospital, was thinking of startingContinue reading “The End of a Decade”

First Friendsgiving

Over the years, I have always pictured doing a party at my own place along with my husband. This year we literally went all out since it was our first party that we made! One rule that I always live by is that being on a budget is key! I feel like there are aContinue reading “First Friendsgiving”

Happily Ever CC

Yesterday marked one month….. that I have been married to my best friend!!!!  *cue a dramatic intro* So for the past few months I have been out of social media, and trying to soak every moment in. I had family visiting over that came to my wedding, and it was amazing spending time with them.Continue reading “Happily Ever CC”

Engagement pictures!

Finally……. The day we took our engagement pictures was truly magical because the setting was so perfect! It had just finished raining, the temperature was amazing, and everything was just right. The funny thing is that we would reschedule so much because we didn’t have the time to take them, but the timing of GodContinue reading “Engagement pictures!”