Thanksgiving Friends

Thanksgiving Day 3 If you would like to see who I challenged please click on the title below: Thanksgiving Week If you have not seen my recent post on how to get cash back & fast click below: Free Money! Cash Back! Yesterday I talked about my family, and today I will be talking aboutContinue reading “Thanksgiving Friends”

Thanksgiving Mi Familia

Read my previous blog to see who I challenged!  Thanksgiving Week Today I am thankful for my family! Let me break it down to ya’ll, for the ones who don’t know, I am half Colombian and Guatemalan born and raised in Chicago! I am literally the only one. with my parents as well as myContinue reading “Thanksgiving Mi Familia”

Thanksgiving Week

I am thankful for (Day 1)   This week is thanksgiving, and because of that I would be writing each day during this week about what I am thankful for! I will be picking 10 bloggers and challenge them to do the same! Can they keep up? Let’s see if they can! THE RULES PostContinue reading “Thanksgiving Week”

Giveaway Jord Watches

Keep reading for a special giveaway at the end of this post!  Hey everyone!!! Today I am so happy to say that I won the contest that my girl Samantha made with collaboration with Jord Watches! Take a look at this beauty!   I am in love with my new watch, and I am soContinue reading “Giveaway Jord Watches”

Let’s talk

If you have not caught up with my other blogs please go ahead, and check them out. You will see exactly how this post links up to my previous blogs. They are listed after this short statement. Please click on the following: Announcement Oh my goodness PhotoTile Story Okay now to the Good Stuff ThisContinue reading “Let’s talk”


If you have not read my previous blog please go ahead, and check it out click on the following link:  Oh my goodness Alright, so on Tuesday I wrote about announcing something that has been so close to my heart for a while. Also, the person that motivated me is Morgan! Please go ahead andContinue reading “Announcement”

Oh my goodness

What a day!! Yesterday I did not have time to sit down because I was just so busy. From studying, working, updating, planning, and meetings I got so caught up with time. One thing that I love is that I got an extra hour to sleep which I am still getting used to it. IContinue reading “Oh my goodness”

PhotoTile Story

Every picture tells a story, and every story shows exactly how you got to where you are at now. I am proud to say that I had the honor to collab with PhotoTile App which is a company that creates your pictures come to life, and will make your house pop. To get photos likeContinue reading “PhotoTile Story”

Last Day

If you haven’t read my blog post from yesterday of Self-Love you can click here => Self-Love <= Last day of October!!! How this month flew by amazes me because time is passing by super fast! Ahhhh!! The more I think about it the more excited I get for next year lol! There are so many reasonsContinue reading “Last Day”