7 Tips for your blog

I have seen so many blogs that are just all over the place, (just like I used to be once) , and sometimes I feel like I want to shoot them a message. Let me teach you what I have learned throughout my blogging experience, and what I have improved.


Let me start off with having too many topics in one blog post. If you are talking about investments make sure you do not talk about anything else. At times I see so many people go off topic, and at the end I am left clueless. If you are writing about a certain thing PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stick to that title. Try not to put so many other stories in the middle to not make the reader wonder off.


We all have seen different topics all under one certain category as in “blog”, and guess who is guilty of doing that at times? ME! Which reminds me that I need to create one for my travels because I travel a lot. Make sure that when you post something on your blog to put it in the right category so that way people won’t be thrown off. For example, if you are talking about diy do not have that under makeup. Makes sense huh?


What in the world is a sidebar used for? Go ahead and check what I have! Make sure you have the necessary things on it that will stand out. Be sure to have the subscribe button, the email subscription, and instagram (twitter if you have) or whatever other social media for people to follow you. A lot of people tend to put countdowns, which is fine, but if you have so many events going on it is better to just blog the updates. Make sure the sidebar look aesthetically pleasing! 


Check what I have down! I see so many blogs that put so much information down, but lets be honest not a whole lot people scroll down to read things. Be sure to always have minimum information, and go straight to your point. Try not to have so many things going on because to be honest…it will look lame. 


What I LOVE about this option is that you can put your instagram, and it will look amazing. Also, you can put like a countdown and two other things that you would want it to stand out besides having it on your actual footer. Be sure to learn how to space out your options so everything will not be piled in one. 


This can go straight to your footer or sidebar! You can put your copyright statement, which brand do you partner with as a long term, and one that will help people find you to collaborate with you. Remember you really need to put your copyright statement because that way people will know that you are the original creator in case someone steals your content. 


You can put the date and time on each blog after you are done writing. When there is someone that steals your content, you can always go back to the original date which is why it is good to have it public. I usually hide mine to throw off people that would like to steal my content, and that makes it better because I can catch them on the spot. 

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What types of things have you learned throughout your blogging experience? Let me know down below, and if you are just starting I really hope this helps you out! You can go ahead and check out my other blogging topics that I have, and if you would like for me to check out yours let me know! I hope that where ever you are around the world may you have a great day or night. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 


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