Hey ya’ll I am back!!! After having a trip to Guatemala for two weeks I am back with new content. Today I am super excited to collab with Squeezamals!!!! I arrived home yesterday night, and I came just in time because my squeezamals arrived in the mail. Here is how it looked like in the box:


Ya’ll wanna know who was super excited to see them? My sister!!! We are literally 13 years apart, and we share so many things together. However, this brand made me think about my childhood because it brought back so many memories when my parents used to by me things like this, and I would hang them all over my room. I must admit, I did tear up a bit because those memories are something that I will never forget. Dad would walk into my room all happy holding up a plus doll or something in that matter, and would tell me that he had a present for me. The next picture shows how I lined them up, but my sister was playing with them because they are so squishy! Also, they are scented so they smell SOOOO GOOD which is perfect because it leaves the room smelling amazing. 

Go ahead and check out their ig which is: @Squeezamals and make sure to check out their youtube channel which is linked on their bio. If you get a product from them trust me you will NOT regret it!!!! I have new content for this week, and I will even talk about a topic that is super close to my heart. Are you ready? It is so good to be back! and thank you Squeezamals for sending me my own!!! They help me relieve so much stress from the day I love it! 

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace.

Michele C.


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