Guatemala City in February

So guess what ya’ll? I am currently at Guatemala with some amazing climate! Ya’ll have no idea how happy I am that I had a chance to get out from the snow I was in because Chicago really was driving me insane. The face that I felt that 80 degree and saw green trees made my heart melt. I am so beyond happy that I get to spend time with some of my real family that I have (trust me not all my family is to my devotion ha!), but I just love my actual squad. We are 5 but now we have a little one making our group 6! Seeing my baby nephew for the first time made me realize to keep life simple as possible. 

Also, I want to ask ya’ll for a prayer towards my grandma. She is the reason why I am here because I had to travel as an emergency. Lately, she has not been doing so well and she even scared us all at one point. However, now it is getting worse so I had to travel real quick. Whenever you guys are praying, I really hope you keep my family in your prayers it would mean so much to me. I will be updating you guys about what is going on so now you know the reason why I haven’t been blogging these last couple of days. 

Coming back to my mothers country, brings me back memories to when I was a kid. I remember running around and driving my aunt crazy with all of my ideas. Especially, eating mangoes of the tree and coconuts! I hope to one day return to Colombia which is where my father is from because honestly just being in a country you spent your childhood is amazing. Even the smell is different! Tomorrow I will be talking about a product that I bought with me, which I got in the mail before coming here, and telling you about a site that gives you things for free. 

So how has my week been so far? Besides being it stressful, I would say it has been eye-opening because I get to see the true colors of certain people that I have as my blood. Also, because of my grandma I am scared to waking up and seeing that something bad has happened to her. At the same time, I am happy because I get to be with my sister Ashley, and my cousins who are technically my brothers. Jose, Victor, and Jonny are my life! Now my little nephew is born, and trust me he has me in lala land all the time! 

I will be taking pictures and posting it here later on, but if you want to meet my baby boy now you can always go to my instagram and check my story! Also, if you have snapchat make sure to follow me on there because I will be posting pictures of a volcano that I get to see….and yes it is erupting so I get to see the lava! At night, you can see it better so I will be taking pics! This is all I have for today, and if you would like to follow me on my Guatemala journey then go ahead and follow me on IG and on Snapchat both usernames are: Mishipcm. What have you been doing during the week? Let me know how it’s going and I hope you have a wonderful day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

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