11 Blog topics for beginners



Okay ya’ll if you are just starting your blog here is a list for you to start working on! I am here to help you find the right topic for the right post that you would like to do in the next coming weeks. You ready? Get a pen and paper and start writing? Or just save this post for later lol! 

1. Fitness- write about what you are doing to lose weight.

2. Adventure- Where did you go for the weekend? We all want to know! 

3. Movie- What is your favorite movie? What other movie are you excited to see in 2019?

4. Food- Write about your favorite thing to cook, and heck give us the recipe!

5. Music- Update us in new music that others still have not discovered.

6. Organization- How do you organize you house? You have pictures? post them!

7. DIYS- There has to be something clever that you can do in order to not waste money. 

8. Finance- do you know about saving or anything in that matter? Teach everyone!

9. Mom- Are you a mom? Share your experience to the future mommy to be!

10. Makeup- Alright makeup gurus! Update us in the new products that are going on. 

11. Electronics- Share a new device with us and teach everyone on how to use it!


I hope this list helped you out a little, and I will be writing more topics later on. There is honestly so much to write about so just be creative, and get to it! Tag me in your post so I can read it, and give my feedback I would love to get to know you and check out your site. I will be writing more a little later so keep an eye out! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C. 

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So many things to say, but its up to you to find out.

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