And 2018 is officially DONE! 3….2….1….. Drum-roll please………

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A few things that I learned from 2018 were the following:

1. Put myself first.

2. Took away the people that put me down.

3. Learned to read people between their fake smiles. 

4. Kept working out and started living a healthy life style. 

5. Enjoyed the environment a little more. 

6. Trust my instincts more because dang it I am always right.

7. Understand and spend more time with my baby sister. 

8. Be more in touch with the word of God. 

9. Never give up in what I know it will come true. 

10. Not be influenced by people that have a negative path. 

11. Trust God because no matter what everything will turn out better then I expect it. 


2018 was a very good year because it taught me so much more than what I have already listed. However, 2019 is a year that will bring so much joy that I will watch my dreams come true one by one. Some of them already have come true in a way that I cannot explain. From getting a gym membership with my beloved (working out every single day), and much more there are still more things to accomplish. My e-book, which I am so excited for, I will show it to ya’ll this year and also my brand new songs that I have written. I took out some time from blogging during the holidays because I was busy writing down new content for my blog. I would like to add more to this post, but ya’ll just have to wait and see what is in store! My question for you now is: What did you learn in 2018 and what do you expect from 2019? I hope you all had a blast during the holidays and get ready because this year will be one to remember!!!


Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.

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