What I eat now

So as you all know I am doing my health journey more serious than I ever had! Today I will share you a few things that I now eat, and also how it improved my health. Are you ready? Here it goes:

1. Fruits

2. Veggies

I bet you were expecting a huge list huh? lol! Actually this is what I eat, but I do this in a smart way. I hate eating those elements because some of them I do not like it at all. So a few solutions that I had was making a few things into chips or into drinks!!!! For example:

1. Apple Chips (bake them in the oven without oil or butter)

2. Carrot Chips (bake them in the oven without oil or butter and put a tiny bit of salt!)

3. Papaya juice 

4. Trail mix (I mix raisins, bits of cut peaches, pretzels, and at times popcorn)

5. Wraps (Wheat tortilla, ham, spinach, cream cheese, and tomato) 

4. I make my own green juice! Put all green fruits in the blender. 

5. Salmon, lettuce, and baked potato.

6. Banana, almond milk, and mix it in a blender. You have a breakfast shake!

7. Fruit parfait: Fruits, yogurt, almonds, and put one rice cake as a base. 

8. Oatmeal has not been my best friend, but I force myself to eat a little.

9. For cereal I eat cheerios only without sugar.

10. Get yourself some toast with cream cheese that will start being your best friend! 


I started off with an easy list for ya’ll, but there is so much more to this! Let me know what you eat, and if you have any more healthy choices please let me know. Next time, I will go into more detail, and break everything down by meals. I hope you have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at! 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C. 

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