December has started and so did the end of the year as well!!! A few more weeks to kiss 2018 goodbye, and start  like never before. I am so hyped because I will be doing a video especially for an organization that a good friend of mine is doing. I will talk more about it once I get his interview so you can all know more, and hopefully you may be able to donate to the cause. My goal for next year is to collab with this organization and expand it which we already have it in the works. For the ones asking for my Youtube Channel, I will start uploading content by the end of two weeks, but the video for the organization I will try to load it by this week. It will be in Spanish but I will translate it for you that way you may be able to share it. 

My e-book is going very well, I already started writing, and I cannot wait till you guys read it! I know it will speak to so many of you, and maybe will even change your life with one of the devotionals that I will be presenting in the e-book. Also, I will be collabing with another friend of mine to do another e-book (we are praying for it!) for you all with both of our experiences synced! Her and I have been through a rocky road, but I am so thankful for her life. We had the chance to talk, to laugh, to forgive, to forget, but most important of all to find God even more in the middle of it all. I used to be so mad about so many things in which I did not understand, but God literally made me reflect throughout the whole summer. I am so thankful that our friendship has been more stronger than ever, and I am so proud of her because she is now in the blogging community! 

I am proud to introduce you to Katie which pretty soon she will go from Miss to Mrs! Her website is: I would like all of you to please support, and subscribe to her site. Her journey is literally freaking wild, and a total blessing! She has been through so many things in the past few months, and I want you guys to see her testimony. Please keep us in your prayers so we can make one of our biggest dreams come true! 2019 is looking oh so good because not only that is going on, but also the fact that so many weddings are approaching gets me so freaking emotional. I am so sure that 2019 is going to be a big hit. 

That is all I have for today! What are you guys looking forward for 2019 or in this month? I pray that all of your dreams come true! I hope you all have a great day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace. 

Michele C.

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