The Lion King

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When I was a little girl my favorite movie was The Lion King, and till this day it STILL is! I remember that I had my second best friend named Alexis, and we both cried so much when Mufasa died. Quick story Alexis was very special to me because we did everything together, and it is crazy that she left to Florida after our kindergarten was done and never heard of her again. Due to that, I will name my first child, if I have a girl, after her! Okay now on to the movie lol The Lion King impacted me so much especially when it came down to the music portion. Those vocals!!! I was 4 years old when that movie came out, and I still have the movie in VCR which Alexis gave me!!! I still have the movie and it looks so brand new. I know all the lyrics to every single song and even everything that they are about to say! lol! Alright…..2019…….Lion King in HD! Oh my goodness….I am NOT ready to see mufasa die in HD I just cannot!!!!!! Have you seen the trailer??? Take a look! 


Also, can we take a minute and give thanks to the Lord for the ones that will be doing the voices?! 

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I know so many iconic people on here, but there is one….ONE person that gets all the credit…… ahem…

James Earl Jones

The original voice of MUFASA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya’ll the minute this comes out I could care less if I have to wait in line for the opening of the movie, but I will be there!!! I already got my sister, boyfriend, and all my friends that can sing on this lol! Besides this, so many other Disney movies are coming out in 2019 which I will later talk about that will have me in theaters as if I was a young girl. If you have watched this movie tell me what is your favorite part! The one I hate is scar…I cannot stand him!!! but anyways I am too hyped, and nothing can take away my happiness lol! 2019 is off to a great start!!! This is all I got for today, and if you just found out about The Lion King in HD through my post then feel free to share it lol! I will be blogging more about things that are going on to share it with all of you. I hope you all have a great day or night depending on where you are at. 

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Love ya’ll. God Bless. Peace.

Michele C.

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