Gift ideas for her

So Thanksgiving is done, and lets face it…..Christmas is around the corner. Let’s get real for a moment… some girls are just too picky, and are never happy with what a guy gives them so to help out a little bit I will give out the most easy solution ever!

  • Cash.
  • Gift cards.
  • Go out with her and let her pick.

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I always feel sorry for a man that tries his best to make the girl happy during the holidays, but some ladies out there can be just too much. However, to the ones that could care less about what a guy gives them you are a keeper! It’s not about what gift you get, but its the thought that he put his all into one gift just for you. So for the ones that are happy to get anything, are a keeper, and the ones who really do value what a man does for her here are some ideas to make her day even more special. At the end of the day the gift for her is…. YOU!


  • Make a picnic for her inside the house with her favorite movie.
  • If you want to go out, make reservations to her favorite place.
  • Try to see what item she looks at in the store the most. That can be it!
  • Learn how to do an origami rose, and make a bouquet for her.
  • Make something that represents the love that both of you have for each other.
  • Planning to get married next year? Get in a huge box so when she opens it she can find you on one knee with the ring!
  • If you are not on a budget and want to give her something good either a purse or makeup is good enough.
  • Bake her cookies!!! 
  • Make a collage of all of your photos together. 
  • Write her a poem.
  • Surprise her with a photo-shoot! 

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See how easy it is? Sometimes you do not need to go “all out” because truth is we all have bills to pay, and if you do not have enough money then one of these options is good enough. That was it for today but if you have anymore awesome ideas then feel free to say them! I hope you all have an amazing day or night depending on where you are at.

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

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