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Thanksgiving Day 4

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Okay now I want to introduce you all to someone very important to me! I usually do not write a lot about my relationship, okay sometimes I kinda do, but not so much because I like to keep somethings private. Today will be dedicated to my very best friend, my love, to the one that always believes in me, my number one fan, and my boyfriend Carlos Andres. We have been through so many things, and what is crazy is that the way we treat other looks like were either best friends or we just started dating. We have been together for over 4 years and 9 months (tomorrow will be 10 months) and till this day it barely feels like we just started our journey. 

We have been best friends since the year of 2011 and started dating by 2014. During the time when we were just good friends we were both dating other people. I remember we used to rant to each other about the idiots that we were involved with at the time, and had a good laugh about everything. It never crossed my mind in being with Andres just because he was only my friend, and nothing else. The way that we met though was hilarious because I was really mad at the time that I met him. Wanna know the story? Here it goes!

As some of you know I am a singer/songwriter, and the day that I met him it was during a talent show that was going on. Andres was the judge (I know crazy right) and I was the one trying out to get into the show. A mutual friend that we had at the time literally pushed me in the room because he loved the way I sang. I wasn’t really felling it because that day I was going through something with an ex of mine, and I was just so freaking mad. I remember I walked in and the first person that I saw was my boyfriend. He looked at me ONCE I started singing so basically he was in lala land when I walked in, and when I sang the first note that is when he looked up. 

From that point on was just the start of our story that we both never knew it was going to end up with us being together. We have been through so many things, and we conquered one of our most hardest times ever! We have never took “breaks” because we both do not believe in that, and the beauty behind us is that if we have a problem we sit down and fix it. I don’t want anyone to feel offended but for Andres and I taking breaks is for the weak. Meaning why take a break when you just can break up? Taking breaks is for weak relationships, and that means they will never be happy even in marriage. 

We have conquered so many things through the years that we can both finally agree that we are in an amazing place. We put God in the center of our relationship, we pray for each other, we laugh at each other, and we have so much fun! We have this habit calling each other “bro” at times that one day someone really thought we were siblings, and I am telling you we were laughing nonstop the whole day. I love this man so much and the plans that we both have for our future are nothing but amazing. God has been great to us by showing us his love, mercy, and his grace. Especially by giving us both patience to handle each other lol!


Andres knows that I love him to the moon and back! He is forever my best friend, my bro, my boyfriend, my partner in crime, and much more.  A healthy relationship like ours will make you go to sleep each night with a smile, and wake up with a positive attitude. He is my purpose partner and honestly that is the biggest gift I could ever have because he fills up my heart. I am the creative mind he is the logic side so we are both a balance, and thanks to that we are achieving our goals faster then ever. Thank you babe for all that you do you literally rock sir! lol! If you guys want to check out his website you can do so at:

He will start posting up more after our semester finally ends, and he will talk about health! He has before and after pictures on his blog site, and will upload new ones very soon so keep an eye out! Do you have an significant other that you are thankful for? Make sure you let him/her know how much they mean to you! I hope you all have a very blessed day or night depending on where you are at. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.

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