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Thanksgiving Day 3

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Yesterday I talked about my family, and today I will be talking about my buddies. I am amazed at how some of them that I will mention in a second love me for who I am, and has the patience of a 1000 angels lol! What I love most about all of them is that they are so mature, and they understand that life can get super busy. It does not matter if I see them every once a month, talk to them every 3 weeks, or not there for special occasion’s because at the end of the day we catch up. So many people think that they need to make time, and to be honest that is not the case. If I know that I am busy I will not make time for someone, but if I have free time and I talk to you then you better feel privileged because I can be doing other things. The ones I will mention are the ones that even if we had arguments we are able to fix it, and not make a situation so awkward. Others I have not seen in forever, but when we message each other its like time never passed! Are you guys ready to meet them? 

Here is the list: Rocio, Natalie, Roshelle, Shirley, Katie, Nora, Romina, Julie, Letecia, Susy, Anyela, My girls at FYT, My girls at MHB, Issac (moi), Joey, Josh, Raul, & Armando. If I miss someone sorry but these people are the ones that no matter what happened they never EVER left my side. We had a problem? We fixed it! They do roll their eyes at me but meh they know I could care less lol! 

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With all of my girls, we have been through so much that if I tell ya’ll I wouldn’t stop talking. Some of them keep me on my feet, some are crazy (they will never know who I am talking about lol), and with all of them we have a story to tell. Rocio, Roshelle, Shirley, Nora, Susy, & Anyela are the ones that I have met since forever. Katie & Romina we started talking a few months after I met Roshelle and Shirley, and you girls have been a blessing to my life. Susy has been my college friend and thanks to Triton is why I met you! Anyela has been my girl since I was 8 years old!!! She was about to be my sister in law but that’s another story for later lol! Natalie who is literally mi hermana!!! she has been my friend since high school!!! The stories we have will have you laughing non-stop! Julie and Letecia I met at work so basically my job has been extra fun since they came to work with me, and they are the most sweet girls you could ever meet. Now the ones who have forever changed my life starting 2018… my girls from FYT and MHB! Being a part of the group with them, succeeding, doing activities, keeping up, those group chats (omg!), and much more makes me so happy to know that we all share the same vision! We work hard… HARD so everything that we have ever dreamed of come to life. At FYT our shirts are finally out, and were working on more surprises in the near future. For MHB, were doing beyond well because the results to the things we do are showing. Both of our groups share the same admins (myself including in both) so we all have a special job for both groups. I am happy to say that we are growing at a fast rate! Chels, Tiff, Sam, Ash, Jess, Hanna, & Aly ya’ll are a staple to my everyday life. Seeing all of my girls grow makes me the most happiest person in this whole entire world, and they know that each one of the ladies mentioned above are in my prayers ALWAYS! 

Moi, Joey, Josh, Raul, and Armando all of ya’ll are freaking insane lol! Josh (he gets annoyed when I say this) BUT I met you since you were literally a new born. We had so many things going on, but you know what? I am so glad God pulled us through, and made everything fall into place. Even though at times I am just like (smh) at you just know that I am proud of you, and thankful that you keep going in the right path. Joey and Moi both of you know that when it comes to ya’ll I have no words. Both of you guys keep me going, help me stay sane, and bring me to reality of what the Lord wants from me. I don’t know how exactly ya’ll got blessed to have me in your life cause shoot ya’ll need me too lol! We need to get together soon, and relive a few memories while joey takes pics of me okay? GREAT! LOL! Armando I literally won a brother when you got married with Roro! Honestly, you are my long lost twin when it comes to food!!! I swear your wife and my boyfriend will NEVER understand how we do not like certain things cause low key both of them are weird lol! Thanks for being there, praying for me, laughing at my jokes, and most of all sharing your love for food. ha! Raul I met you since….okay my whole entire life cause your mom was also my teacher lol! From Mary Lyon Elementary school you had your eye on me till we both saw each other at high school. I still remember how freaking over-protective you were…annoying lol! But I am honestly so grateful for you being there because you did help me out more than what you can ever think of. I love you sooooooo freaking much! Till this day you still keep pushing me to do my best, and that is one of the many things that I will be forever thankful. 

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& that is it! I really wanted to write more, or even do a special paragraph for each but if I did it would be a long post. What I have learned and keep on learning is all because of them! They give me time to catch up, understand where I am coming from, we all laugh at irrelevant people, we send screenshots to each other, and if anyone messes with them they would have to go through me first! All of them know exactly how crazy I can be when it comes to defend the people that I love and care about. From doing fake profiles *coughnatcough*,  to hearing me rant late at night *coughraulcough*, and to even telling me to shut up cause I speak unapologetic *coughrorocough* lol! All of them have a place in my heart that no one will be able to take away. So which friends are you thankful for? Be sure to count your blessings each and every single day. If there are people that do not understand you trust me honey they will take themselves away from you, and you won’t even have to move a finger…that is all God protecting you. I hope you all are having a great day or night depending on where you are at.

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace. 

Michele C.

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