Thanksgiving Mi Familia

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Thanksgiving Week

Today I am thankful for my family! Let me break it down to ya’ll, for the ones who don’t know, I am half Colombian and Guatemalan born and raised in Chicago! I am literally the only one. with my parents as well as my sister, that are alone in the beautiful Windy City. I have my family either in different states and even different countries making us the only ones apart from everyone else. 

Let me start off with the ones who were blessed to have me: MY PARENTS! Ha! Papi and Mami always push me to do my best, and never made me go down a path that will lead me to disaster. They always tell me to look out for the ones I am around with because they can either bring me down, or build me up. We might not be rich, like some are, but they showed me that I am forever a billionaire because God is my rock. I might not have a lot of things, but I have tons of love. My parents have been strict in a loving way that after I turned 28 I actually understood every single advice. To the ones that used to say and keep saying that my parents are too strict ya’ll can do me a favor and go back to where you come from. There is no other love than the love of a mother and father who truly care about their kids. It doesn’t matter how old you are because at the end of the day they still see you like a little child. I regret the days that I did not spend time with them, but I thank the Lord for the days that I get to understand them as well as having time with both of my parents. 

I am so thankful….SO BEYOND THANKFUL for my other half, my best friend forever, my mini me, my savage unapologetic truthful, and baby sister! My little sister (Ashley) is literally the light, and main reason for my entire life. We are 13 years apart, but oh if ya’ll knew the story about how much I wanted a sibling you all would cry. Since the day I knew what a sibling was, I was always very jealous of so many kids that had a bro or a sis. My mom had a miscarriage, which broke my heart by the age of 9, and I thought I was finally going to have someone to share everything with in which I knew it was a boy. A few years passed and I thought that I wasn’t privilege enough to have a sibling, but little did I know that my rainbow sis was on her way to change my life. When I turned 13, a beautiful child was born…yes that was Ashley! And guess what? I named her! She is the most funny, down to earth, remarkable, and yet annoying person lol! But she is the love that makes me keep going to be an example to her. She has taught me to love God more, and most of all she has taught me that no matter what happens we will always have each other. Today she is 15 and even though that is her age she is more mature then any person you could ever meet. She is so smart, an IB student, and never fails to take one step further into her education. I love you Ash and I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! 

My Colombian Familia

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I love you all so much! I wish I can name all of you, but we are just so many! Having my Caribbean blood in me makes me so proud…SO PROUD of where I am from. I might not have been born there, but I feel as if I was! I take my Colombian roots at heart, and trust me when I say that ya’ll make me feel like I belong there…I am not kidding! I love how no one can mess with us, how we are so straight forward, and how we are all sarcastic that others cannot handle it! The fact that Colombia is the most beautiful country, grandma taught me how to be a true Colombiana, and showed me that all of you (even if we are far) you guys still contact me because you just love me without anything in return has me feeling honored to be sharing my blood with you guys. I couldn’t ask for a better family…God blessed me with too much! Los amo infinitamente! I promise I will go visit pretty darn soon because it is so much needed! 

My Guatemalan Familia

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I can’t name all of ya’ll because it is honestly a freaking tribe lol! We had are ups, downs, but we came back strong. A lot has been going on during the past couple of years, but I mean we pulled through right? I am so grateful for each of you that I have in my life, and to the few of you who made it feel like home I am forever thankful. I have to admit that in this side of the family I DO have my favorites because they were the ones that never left my side no matter how hard a situation was…. so this goes specifically for them: (To the ones that live in the States & Guatemala) : No matter how far you are know that I am so thankful for having you in my life. I love ya’ll so much to the point that if anyone messes with any of you they would have to go through me first! Thank you for hearing me rant, for seeing me grow, for picking me up, for having my back, for believing in me, for seeing the actual truth, for always pulling through, but most important of all for always putting a light in me that family is forever even though some of them tried to break that in me. Thank you for always making me feel like actual family, and not a stranger. Thank you for loving me without judging me, and thank you for always praying for me. To the ones that tried to break nice try, but you couldn’t (they know I throw shade so if the shoe fits go ahead and wear it) lol! Everything aside though, each of ya’ll the good and bad (rolls eyes) thank you for being part of my life. I am who I am because of ya’ll and for that I am thankful. To the ones that I love….God bless ya’ll…to the ones I don’t get along….I hope you find peace in 2019 lol! 

Who are you thankful for in your family? No matter what goes on remember that family will always be family. I said once that my blog was going to be real, and no filter what so ever. This is my family. This is the story. This is me. The good represents who I am, but the bad is what I was able to get away from. You learn to grow with your blood and even though at times things seem to be a hard road remember that no matter what they will always have your back. I am thankful for each of them, blessed to have them, and I just ask God that no matter who they are I hope they have a long successful life. I hope you all have a great day or night depending on where you are at, and remember to always believe and love yourself because at the end of the day …… 


starts with you. 

Love ya’ll. God bless. Peace.

Michele C.


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