Oh my goodness

What a day!! Yesterday I did not have time to sit down because I was just so busy. From studying, working, updating, planning, and meetings I got so caught up with time. One thing that I love is that I got an extra hour to sleep which I am still getting used to it. I already was used to the old time, and this just messed me up. I wake up at 2 thinking it is already 3 am lol! To think that winter is upon us is making me more sleepy because it is said that it will be snowing THIS FRIDAY! Am I ready? Part of me is a yes, but the other is a straight up no. So far I like how it looks during fall! Photo credit goes to my boyfriend which you can find him at:


And his Instagram is:



One thing that I am excited about is that my watch which is going to arrive in the mail! Ha! I am getting this because I won a giveaway that my girl Sam made in which she partnered up with the company Watches By Jord. SO PROUD OF HER! If you want to check her out go to her instagram which is:


and her website is:


when you do let her know that one of the admins named Michele from MHB & FYT sent you! lol! Her content is amazing I am sure you will love it, and plus she is such an amazing person. If you would like to see the site where my watch is coming from the link is:


 Feel free to check it out! 

Thanksgiving preparation is now starting in my home, and Christmas music has been playing since November started. I am so blessed and thankful that the Lord granted my dad and uncle another year of life this week. Honestly, both of those two mean the world to me, and for them to celebrate their birthday through skype is so heart-warming. Besides that, my nephew will be born any minute! It was said that he should have been born the 13th, but I think my little one just wants to say hello to the world. lol! When he is born, if my cousin gives me permission, I might post up a picture of him so you will all be able to meet him. I am literally that type of aunt that will show the nephew’s and niece’s like crazy lol! 

Tomorrow I will post up something else in my blog in which I will be sharing with you. It’s one of my many dreams that I had, and I finally decided to share the news. I want to give a shout-out to my girl Morgan who pushed me in finally doing it, and finally making it happen! You can find her on instagram as:


and her website is:


I am even surprised that my YouTube channel finally reached up to 100 subscribers! I haven’t even posted nothing up, but I am getting ready to start uploading music by making covers with my director. I honestly cannot wait! You will see me really soon on YouTube, and when that happens you all will know. 


With that being said….stay tuned for my next blog post that will be up tomorrow. I will share one of the many dreams that I had in which it’s coming true. I am so blessed to know that the plans of God for my life are so perfect, and bigger than my imagination. I hope you all are having an incredible first week of the month! Depending on where you are at I hope you all have a great day or night. 

God bless. Love ya’ll. Peace.

Michele C. 


  1. Barbed Wire and Lace says:

    I cannot express in words how much I am excited to read your story. Knowing you as a person has strengthened me as as a person so I want to know the beautiful, hellish journey you’ve been through. They didn’t break you, they helped build you. So take what you’ve got and build that empire, baby girl! ❤️

    1. MishiPcm says:

      You are amazing!!!!! and thank you darling I cannot wait to do it, and show it to you as I write it! I love you so much!!!!! ❤️

      1. Barbed Wire and Lace says:

        Love you so much more! You’ve GOT this! I’ve gotten to see your drive and motivation… and girl, you can conquer anything! I’ll always be here rooting you on!

  2. Hey Mishi. Love the picture! Signed up on YouTube too so you have over 100 now ❤️❤️

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thanks girl!!! I am so excited lol!

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