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This whole week has been filled with excitement, adventure, and most of all surprise planning for what’s to come! I am so happy to know that God has been working non-stop! Also, before I go on with my blog post, I would like to announce that I had an interview which you guys can see it at:


First, how are you guys? You know that feeling when your excitement is just over the roof, but you just have to keep it all in for the mean time? That is so me right now!  If I can shout to the world about what’s to come trust me I would! As all of you know by now, my group “The Truth” has been something that I have been working on, but besides that there is more! I find it amazing on how God takes your plans you had, throws them away, and surprises you with an, “I TOLD you I had something better!” Like okay Jesus take the wheel then lol! I remember I was going to post on my adventure that I had last week (which I totally forgot lol sorry!) it’s a little bit late, but here are some pictures!!





I actually went fishing to Rushing Waters, with my significant other, in which they are located at Wisconsin. If you love fish, like myself, then you know I had a blast not only catching but also eating lol! If you are interested in going to this amazing place the website is the following:


My plans for this week are the following:

  • Study.
  • Write music.
  • Get my nails done because darling they are crying out for help!
  • Work on a special project with some incredible women.
  • Bible study.

How about you? What plans do you have? Always remember to wake up with a positive thought, try to combat the bad energy, and I challenge you to a small activity. I challenge you that starting today….like RIGHT NOW! Start speaking positive about everything that might bother you. It’s hard at times but trust me it keeps you going with a healthy mindset!

  • Try not to curse throughout the entire day.
  • Listen to music that will speak positively to your life.
  • If the day is gloomy try to have fun with it, and make your day brighter than the sun.
  • Have alone time. TREAT YOUR SELF!
  • If you need to clean, then do it with a smile…bye bye germs! Lol! (put your upbeat music on blast!)
  • Make some jokes!
  • If you are late to school or work be thankful! At least you didn’t get into an accident!
  • Give thanks to see another day because so many aren’t fortunate enough to see it one last time.

Let me know if this works out for you!! It is a challenge cause at times things do not go our way, but trust me everything will be okay.  With that being said, love you all, God bless, and depending on where you might be I hope you have a great day or night.


xxx- Michele C.


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