20 Goals for Fall

First day of the month…October!!!! It’s incredible how time is just flying by so fast now a days, but I am happy that I get to make new moments every single day. Today I want to share with you guys what I would want to accomplish this month, and if you have a list I would like to know what your goals are, so we can push each other to do better!


Continue going to the gym.

Try new products, and review them for you.

Write about my weight loss journey.

Make a vlog/cover on YouTube.

Make a free guide for you all on how to lose weight.

Devotional post.

A video and free guide on how to spend time with God.

Write about the healthy snacks I take.

Prepare for the holidays.

Find great deals.

Explore nature.

Write music.

Learn a new language (I’m thinking of going back to French!)

Start a book club (let me know if you are interested!)

Write about my new technique to study for a material (which is working oh so well!)

Take Fall pictures with my amazing pastor and photographer Enrique Mayen. Check his site out! https://www.photographybyenrique.com/

Practice with my group called “The Truth” for our very first presentation as an official group!  

Design my newsletter to send out.

Post on IGTV.

Prepare clothes for fall and winter.



Fall is my second favorite season because it gives me time to refresh, and bring in the new to get ready for the winter. I hope you all have an incredible month, and stay tune for fresh content that will come your way! As you can see from list, some of the topics that I will talk about will not only be interesting, but also I will go into detail. Alright, I hope you guys have a wonderful day or night depending on where you are at! God bless!

xoxo-Michele C










  1. Jade - blended_mama says:

    Love this!

    We share similar goals.

    I want to designs a YouTube cover
    Learn how to use Twitter
    Start back with slimming world … and document my meals with it

    I have always wanted to learn French!

    Can’t wait to see those photos! Xxx

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Yes girl!!!! Omg I want to hear you sing!!!! Hopefully, in the near future we can meet up, and do a duet together! You will so rock all your goals girl, and trust me as soon as your video goes up I am watching it lol! love it and we should learn French together!!! Can’t wait to see more of your content! Xxx

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