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Alright I am back!!! Hey everyone what’s up?! It has been a while I haven’t had the chance to sit down, and actually write my heart away. Today I want to talk about how to free yourself from negativity by just mediating, and focusing on you without giving to much importance on things that do not matter. By that I mean family problems, friendship problems, school problems, work problems, and the list just goes on! Have you ever thought of just having your own time, and going MIA on everything and everyone? Let me tell you that I am an expert on that and today I will show you how to do just that! 

  • Stop making a storm out of a cup of water

That quote actually means a lot because if you think about it you are the only one that will stress yourself out more. Sometimes, people tend to “stir the pot” on things that DO NOT MATTER! In order for you to stop doing this I would highly suggest to lay down, take a deep breath, and massage your scalp in circular motions. Take your mind away from that certain thing that bothers you, and think of place you would really like to be at! Trust me …IT HELPS! 

  • Forget about work

At work, we always go through things that trigger us and might push our buttons. I understand the pressure, and especially what it takes to be at “peace” at work. If you are at your job, try to close your eyes for 1 minute (it only takes one minute), and think of a future event that you cannot wait for it to happen. While doing this, keep in mind that you have that job to save up for that specific event, and then take a deep breathe. Continue throughout your day and have that even in your mind because at the end of the day you are saving up for that right? You will see how everyone at work will look so little to you because your mind is back into that goal in which you are working so hard for. 

  • Forget about family 

Ah..Family problems I mean who doesn’t have them? I understand that it can be a pain at times, but at the end of the day you are still stuck with them. If you have family that make your life impossible try to not talk to them at all for a short period of time. By short period I mean a month lol! Not talking to family members that will bring you down is honestly the best decision you can ever take. Family always have issues but you need to learn when you can be close to them and when not to. I remember having this similar issue with me, and when I isolated myself from them it felt amazing! It can be hard at times, but trust me it will do you so much good! During that time just focus on only you! Family opinions should not even be an option for you because at the end of the day it is your life, and not theirs. 

  • Forget about friends who bring you down

I have seen this a lot lately so people open your eyes in regards to who you decide to be friends with!!! Some friends are just seasonal so learn that no one in your life will be there for you forever because it is not true. There will be a time that you just need to cut them out from the root because none of ya’ll are on the same page. Especially, before pouring your heart out to certain individuals, make sure you know that you can fully trust them. Not all of your “friends” want the best for you they just want to see you a few steps lower, and that is not good. So cut those negative people out of your life ya’ll they aren’t worth your stress! 

  • Forget about church members

If you are anything like me that likes to achieve for higher things in life, loves God with all of your heart, doesn’t have time to go to church because of responsibility, but some people at church love to talk about you like there is no tomorrow then cut them off. Ya’ll have no idea how much people love to talk about me because I hardly ever go to church, and honestly it came to the point where they make me smile with those comments. The reason is because unlike them, I actually have a goal in my mind because I do not settle for less, and never will. I like to squeeze out every bit of talent that God has given me so I can live the life God wants me to live. Don’t get me wrong though, going to church is a must but it is totally understandable when you cannot go. At the end of the day, everyone at church judges to capacity when it really is not their job, but the one that knows your heart is God. It doesn’t matter what religion you are because “religion” does NOT matter! What matters is your relationship with God and how you serve the Lord so just focus on your relationship with the Lord, and watch the blessings that will be poured on to your life. 

  • Forget about school 

This is a major problem when it comes to stress, anxiety, and having depression!! Exams, quizzes, homework, presentation, and pulling all-nighters!! When you have spring, summer, or winter vacation do yourself a favor and forget about school!!! Take at least two weeks for yourself, breathe, relax, and most of all SLEEP! Due to school, I even forgot what sleeping really was because I hardly ever get a good sleep at all! After two weeks, you can finally get a book and read or study lightly to get ahead of the next semester. Once you are on vacation you really need to let your brain take a break because if you don’t you will eventually get sick. Due to school, your brain does get tired because you are always either reading, not sleeping, memorizing, and also being on the computer basically 24/7 for researching. So take your mind away from that and watch how better you will be later on once you take that break.

  • Forget about social media 

Take a month and stay away from: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, News, and I mean you guys know where I am going with this right? I started doing this a lot because I like to be away from everything to not be so overwhelmed. It is super hard staying away from social media because it is so addicting, but honestly it can also be a relief for you. This is because whenever you see something online it always tends to take a part of your life making you either sad, depressed, and even mad. You really need to stay away from it for a bit, go out, experiment new things, and enjoy life without having to post or having to see other things online. 

  • Remember your timeline is different

All of us have a different way of living but trust me you are never behind! Just because some people have their degree earlier, family, house, car, or whatever the case may be and you don’t it does not mean that you are behind. This is a big reason as to why people tend to be sad because they see others “success”, and think that they would never get to their “level”. Keep in mind that we are all different, we all have amazing stories, and our goals and time to get there is not the same. Some have it super easy and others have to really work for it! Some are blessed to have connections and others need to seek connections. So are you behind? NOPE! You are just a work in progress honey and you will soon get to where you want to be. 


Stay away from everything for a month or so! Do not rush your life, do not hear peoples opinions, live your life, and most important RUN away from the negativity that might bring you down. If you know there is something that is making you feel a certain way then let it go, if you cannot confront it. Taking a breather from everything really helps! Learn when and who to let go, learn that something or someone is not forever, learn that when things happen it is for a reason, and never forget that God has a bigger plan for you more then you could ever imagine.

Fall in love with yourself all over again and fall in love hard! Explore and go to places you have never been before! Forget about your significant other for just a day and do you! Go back into memory lane and remember the amazing time you had as a child. You remember that favorite ice cream of yours? When was the last time you actually sat down to have that same one? Or do you remember your favorite movie as a kid? how awesome would it be to just be in your pjs and watch it alone! Do something for yourself and go and splurge if you have the money.

In conclusion, take a spa day on your own, go get something to eat, have tea time by yourself, and sleep. There are so many other things that come into my mind, but if I keep on writing I will never stop lol! So just have fun ya’ll, love yourself, love life, and never forget to thank God for your problems. Wait problems? Thank God for My problems? Well, YES! This is because at least you are here right now reading this then struggling in a bed thinking if you will be able to even breathe the next few seconds. Let that sink in…God bless you all and have an amazing day! Love ya’ll!!




  1. Sadah says:

    This is nice.

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thank you so much!!! God bless!

      1. Sadah says:

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      2. MishiPcm says:

        Sure that would be amazing!

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