Losing is winning

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Hey everyone! So many things have been going on that I have not had the chance to sit down, and write away. As many of you may know, I entered a talent show in my school but unfortunately I did not win anything. However, even though it might be a total bummer that I did not win a thing I am actually very happy that I participated. You might be saying to yourself that the title of this post seems confusing, but I will be explaining why Losing is winning. 

When you lose you experience a whole bunch of negative feelings for example anger, sadness, or even be disappointed because you did not achieve a certain thing. Despite of all of this, have you ever sat down and think about the positive things that “losing” leads to? You see, we get stuck into our own world of “sadness” without even thinking about ways to help us improve. I used to be one of those that would give up easily, but thanks to a few people they showed me that losing is not so bad after all.

Some of the things I have learned are the following:

Losing is…..

  1. A way to show me in what areas I still need to put effort. 
  2. A way for me to keep learning. 
  3. A way to start getting even more creative into what I want to do. 
  4. A way for me to check up on my own capabilities. 
  5. Last but not least it is a way for me to show people that I can get back up and fight. 


I learned that when one door closes God opens up many others in a way I cannot explain. Honestly, this year has been going okay meaning that it is not that bad and not that good. I keep learning and growing as I keep exploring things that this earth has to offer, and I try to do new things with my friends and family. Going back to the talent show, I learned a lot for instance I know I could had won (first place) but were things that I was not aware of. One of the things is that I was not informed what type of talent show it was because to my surprise it was based on a theme. The person who won was a guy who did a poem about African American. 

I sang a Christian song which everyone loved, but the judges were the ones deciding who was going to win. I know I had a high chance in winning IF I knew what the rules were for this talent show. I could have easily sang something about African Americans and said a short poem before I even started singing. Now that I know this, for the next time I have to figure out what the talent show is supposed to be about, and win first place. Like I said before, I live and I learn (when I lose) and if it was not for that I would still be stuck in getting angry without gathering information, or even letting people explain to me what went wrong. I was happy to know that my vocals were not the issue it was just the theme. ha! 

I know this post is kinda random but I really felt like someone out there needed to hear this today. It’s okay if you fail WE ALL DO but the only way to go when you fall is go up! This does not only happen in a competition but also in school and in life overall. There will be days and nights where you feel like everything is ending, but really it’s not. Sometimes people drown in a small cup of water, and make it seem like it is a never ending ocean. I keep learning, trying, and even if I cry (shout-out to my buddies out there ya’ll know who you are) I even have great friends that remind me on why I started a certain task.

Is it hard?


Is it easy to say then do?

Of course!

but is it impossible?


This might be a very random post but I had a feeling someone out there needed to hear this. Also, the things that this year has cooking up for me still are leaving me with my mouth wide open. All I can say is that it will leave all the people that have ever doubted in me, literally betrayed my trust, and much more want to say “SORRY!!!” lol! I always leave things in the hands of the Lord, and only he knows my heart. This year I am being called out of my comfort zone and I am so excited to be moving in a fast pace that God wants me to move. I thank God for my life, for these brand new opportunities, and these unexpected phone calls that I have never dreamed of getting. So is losing winning? Of course it is! And I am happy about everything that I keep experiencing. If you guys need someone to talk  remember that I am just a phone call away. If this spoke to you just remember each day is a brand new day to keep trying, and be happy because you are alive. Love ya’ll and God bless! 





  1. I think you make some good points in this post…losing sucks, but how you respond is important

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thank you for your comment! And yes it does suck but as long as we learn from it, and find new strategies that is all that counts. Again, thanks for your feedback!! God bless!

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