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Hello, beauties! Today I am back with another review from Influenster! If you guys do not know what Influenster is it is a company where they will send you free items in exchange for your review. If you have a blog, youtube channel, or you are an instagram person (like myself) then this will be very helpful to increase your audience. Shipping is free too and I mean the best part is that you get free makeup! You would need to review products in order to get qualified, and just have fun. If you would like to sign up use my code which is:

and you can sign up for free!! Okay, now to the best part about this post. So about a week ago I received this concealer from Influenster and bareMinerals in the shade of Medium-Cool 06:



Of course, since I picked my wrong shade I put this on first and then I used my concealer  from NYX in the shade of DCC04 to blend it in, and it worked perfectly. I was so happy with the results and I used it for the whole entire day. During the day I noticed that it did not crease at all, and that is when I knew that the formula for bareMinerals holds true. It is a 16-Hr Full coverage, it is super creamy, and easy to apply. Is it worth the money? Yes it is! However, my all time favorite will always be NARS I honestly think that this concealer is perfect for when you are traveling. 


Image result for bareminerals concelar influenster


As you can see, Influenster made the packaging eye-pleasing and it honestly feels like Christmas when you receive something from this company. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and join the fun and be sure you sign up so you do not miss out!!! I will be back with another post during the day. Love you all!!!


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  1. I love bare minerals brand. They cater to majority of skin tones and that’s why I appreciate it so much. The consistency of the product is also super good! I also just love Influenster, I still have a product I have to review!

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