Talent Show/Cover/Updates

Image result for musicHey everyone!!! Alright so I am super excited to announce that I got in a talent show at my school!!! For so many of you that do not know me I love music….okay love is an understatement lol! Since I was little, my parents made me get into music by buying me my first piano, tambourine, and a karaoke with two microphones. As time passed by, I started writing songs and saving up to get my own equipment. Later on, someone who believed in my talent (BETO!!!) that is my choir director at church, and he showed me that my talent could take me very far. Since I am in the medical field, it is hard at times for me to practice what I love to do the most. However, that does not stop me from singing all day everyday. Today I want to share with you all a cover that I made in Spanish in which I had so much fun doing because it is from one of my favorite singer. Click on the link to see it and let me know what you think! Don’t forget to Subscribe! 


I will be putting up covers in English as soon as I get better from my cold which should be this week! This whole week and last week I have been super sick because the change of climate is crazy! One day its snowing, the next is Spring, the next is summer, and later on its snowing all over again. It totally sucks! What sucks even more is that the talent show is next week which means I have only today, tomorrow, and Monday to get better because I need to practice! So you will be hearing from me on YouTube in a matter of days lol! I am planning to go live on Instagram, Twitter, and on Facebook when the talent show starts so if you would like to see me perform live follow me. You can find me as MishiPcm on all of my social media, and if you do not get the chance to see it live I will upload it on Youtube for all of you to see.

This past week was a crazy one because it was my Spring Break, and instead of relaxing I was sick forgetting that I had to study for an exam. It was that type of week where you just want to be left alone, and want to have your time. I haven’t even been on Instagram (I am there quite often) but I just really wanted to get away from it for a moment. One thing that I am happy is that I finally upgraded my phone lol! I had to save up for it because the other one that I had was a super old one. Now I am trying to buy a fitbit because I am going to the gym more often! I am so excited because usually when you start to change your life in one way or another it ALWAYS shows! I would like to know what you guys have been up to, and let me know what changes you have made in this past week!! Love you all and I hope you are enjoying your weekend!!! 

xoxo- Mishipcm

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