Braces:My Journey

Hey loves!! Today I want to talk about a topic that is super close to my heart…Literally. Today I want to talk about braces!!! Hopefully this blog will open your eyes if you are considering to get them, and also I will tell you guys if it is painful or not. My journey through this process is sort of sad, but it is because of the people that treated me. Braces are used to fix your bite, some have it to look “pretty”, and people like me have it due to health. Alright let me break it down, when I was little girl I had a lot of headaches in which also I would have an uncomfortable pain on my jaw. As I grew up, we saw that the problem was on how my teeth were coming out, and also because I had a tooth (actually 3) that were coming on top of the other ones I had. At the age of 14 I got my braces and had that throughout all my high school years. My father thought that being 18, I wanted to look good so my retainer was changed to a bonded retainer. For some of you that might not know what the difference is well it is mostly like this:

Upper Bonded Retainer


Regular Retainer

As you can see there is a huge difference between these two in which one can make you vomit if you are not used to it. Anyways, when I had the upper bonded retainer I would always put the other one top before going to bed. The assistants told me that it was not necessary so I left the upper bonded as it is which was a bad idea. As the years passed by, I honestly never really paid attention to my bite because I mean my headaches, and the pain on my jaw were gone! But boy…was I wrong. Later on, I started having pain AGAIN, but I thought that it was normal in which it would go away. Little by little my mom kept telling me that she saw my jaw shift, and I thought that my mom was just seeing stuff because I did not notice it.

What happened was that the pain on my jaw came back (with force), massive headaches which I never told anyone, and I did see the change on my jaw. Seeing that horrible transformation, I went to many other orthodontist in which they told me that my only option was surgery because my jaw “shifted”. To be honest, I don’t even trust a dentist or even an MD because they would do ANYTHING to steal your money over unnecessary crap.  Today, I am so thankful with the Lord because I found someone that said that the reason why I had pain was because my bite was not aligned. So guess who has braces all over again? Yeah, I do! It has been a year with these suckers on, but I am so happy because the pain is gone, and my jaw is back to normal!!

I think I will only last for a few months, and I will be done with this treatment once and for all. Also, I found a really good company, and they helped me so much!!! As far as I am concerned, I think the retainers with them will also be different so I am super excited to see how it will be! My baby sister has braces too so it is funny how I am training her on what to eat and what not lol! Now that I am done talking about this, I bet you are now wondering if there is pain with braces, prices, and much more am I right? Okay time to talk about that! The prices for braces usually range from $3,000 to $6,000 and honestly it all depends on your treatment. However, if you have children and have insurance the kids will get them for free! You just need to ask the orthodontist! You can also make payment plans if you wish to put them on, and also you get to pick what type of braces you will get.

This is because there is also invisalign which is recommend to people who do not have their teeth severely “messed up”. Also, keep in mind that everyone has a different case in which some may even need to have surgery before starting the treatment. Braces can be painful especially the first few 2 weeks because your teeth are starting to get used to them, and also starting to shift to their correct place. It is highly recommended to brush your teeth every time after you eat so no bacteria gets in the braces. The way that braces are put on can be stressful because it takes up to 1 hour to get them on. The orthodontist takes time for each little bracket to be situated on the teeth with a specific glue, and then they light them up. You basically have your mouth open for an hour so I would highly suggest for someone to be there next to you to hydrate your lips, or just breathe in and stay calm during the process.

After putting on the braces, you should take a pain killer because you will experience pain on that same day. If it’s your first time putting braces on, it will not hurt as much only till later on, but if its your second time like myself the pain is HORRIBLE! Honestly, you feel like all of your teeth are about to fall off, and you get worse headaches then getting them on the first time. Also, there are certain things that you cannot eat at all while having braces on, but if you want to learn more I will make a blog post about food later on. As time goes by, you will feel like the braces are just part of you because they are just there, and it feels weird taking them off the first time. You feel the teeth super slippery because you were already used to having them with metal for a long time. Rubber bands will be given to you if you need them to correct the bite so it can come into place. Braces also shape your face structure significantly! 

Some people get different things on besides the braces because their case can be severe! Now the question is, who should really get braces? If you are looking to just look “pretty” and your teeth do not look so messed up then invisalign is the way to go. If you are looking to fix your bite because you have headaches from time to time, or you really need them then get the regular braces. My favorite part of having braces is the fact that I could change color every time I get my wires tighten. I almost forgot, each visit you will get a brand new wire because as your teeth shift the wire starts to get out of shape. You will take extra time in brushing your teeth because the food gets stuck inside the metals. You really need to be careful with having braces because a bracket might pop off if you do not take good care of them. Each bracket that pops you need to pay for it, and I believe the first one they replace it for free.

Last but not least, braces are just part of a lifestyle that (I am speaking for the ones who need it) we need to adapt! It might be frustrating but trust me the result is definitively worth it! When you put on braces you always want to see that Glow-Up! Also, I can’t wait to take them off because I will be able to smile without having pain on my jaw! Especially my bite will be amazing so I am hoping my treatment ends quick! It has been painfully fun having braces because it’s actually an experience of a lifetime. Not so many get braces on and that is okay! If you don’t, consider yourself lucky because so many of us would want to not have them on lol! However, some people that don’t need it go through the trouble to experiment it, and because they have the money for it. People who are broke like myself actually need it for our health because we don’t want to live with pain, or having a bite that will not look pleasant. 

Well, that was all for today I really hope you found this blog post useful! I was debating in writing about it or not because at first I thought no one would care. Then I felt that someone out there really needed to hear this so I decided to write about it. I will be writing a post later on to share you guys on what I eat now because it really changed due to the braces. My overall experience, was a little painful but the result is the best gift ever! I will leave the information to the place I go to down below, and also be sure to check out my YouTube channel!!!! I will also leave the link to it so you guys can go and see it! God bless ya’ll!!!

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