PinchMe January 2018


Hey everyone!!! Today I am happy to show you guys PinchMe!!! This is company is amazing because it sends you products for you to try out for free! Also, the only thing you need to do is leave an honest opinion, it is free shipping, and they send you things that will surprise you. This is what I got in my box for this month!! If you guys are interested in signing up for PinchMe you can do so on the following link:


KASHI CHOCOLATE ALMOND SEA SALT CHEWY GRANOLA BAR– This Granola bar was super sweet!! I actually loved the texture and how it filled me up! I like the packaging because it looks inviting, and pleasing to the eye. Another thing that I loved was that this is an alternative for a healthy snack, and you can even have this bar as part of a shake! 

BLUE DIAMOND ALMOND NUT-THINS– I totally enjoyed this small snack because it substitutes for a bag of chips. It was really good and the taste of it was great. I love how PinchMe sends me new things to try out because I usually stick to my normal snacks.

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