Daily Goodie Box- January 2018


First unboxing for 2018!!!! Daily Goodie Box came straight to my door with some amazing products to review!! I could’t wait so I already ate some of the things that I will mention, and also I recorded my impressions on a video that I will be posting on Youtube! I always get excited when I receive a box from them because they are full sized products, and super delicious lol! Daily Goodie Box is a company where they send you free products in exchange for your honest opinion. Also, it is free shipping so all you have to do is register, and it is a must to participate in their social media. The more you participate the higher chances you have to win a box. I will list the website at the end of this blog for you guys to check it out. Now on to the products: 
Napz – All-Natural Sleep Solution– I received this on my previous box from November, and I am so happy I got it again. This helps when you really need to sleep because there are times where you just stay up for no reason. This helps you fall asleep like a baby, and you wake up refreshed. 
Nellie’s All-Natural – WOW Stick Stain Remover– This is said to remove any stain on the clothes so I am super excited to try this out. I will be using this for when I go to school because I know this will come in handy. 
Herbal Zap – Immune Support Herbal Supplement– I am super excited to try this because I have been looking for a product similar like this to help my immune system. I am a tea drinker and a coffee lover! So I know this will come in handy now that I am back on track with my work-outs. 
Beanitos – White Bean Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Chips– As soon as I got this…..I ate it! Honestly, I was actually very surprised with the flavor because it was so new to me. I don’t know how many of you are a flamin hot cheetos fan? Because I am such a big fan of that I can eat those for days! However, now I am trying to live a healthy life style so this gave me an idea to try out new chips that are good for me. This was not too spicy but it had a good amount. I really liked it!! 
EBOOST – POW Tropical Punch Energy Powder– When I saw this I thought…WOW! because it even came with the container! This is to boost up your energy and also to help you keep working out! I know this will be handy for when my semester starts….This week! ahhh!! Crazy how the days flew by but I am glad EBOOST is here to give me a….Boost lol! 
Bizzy Coffee – Organic Cold Brew Double Shot– I promised myself NOT to drink this TILL I have my first exam. However, knowing me…..I just had to have one sip….and just like that I was WIDE AWAKE! So what I did was saved the rest for later lol! This actually helped me stay awake (when I really wanted to sleep) but it helped me have energy to finish up my chores. This was actually pretty good I am amazed at this product! 
Andalou Naturals – Renewal Face Cream Pods– This left my face super smooth! Especially for this horrible winter we are having here in Chicago I can say that this came in handy. Totally a must!! 
RawRev – Double Chocolate Brownie Batter– Last but not least this amazing and delicious…(Yes, I already ate it…lol!) I can’t believed I loved it!!! This protein bar is everything, and the funny thing is that I am not a fan of protein bars lol! This completely changed the game for me I actually liked it! It is just like a brownie so I was pleased! 
As you guys can see all these products are amazing, and they came in full sized! Alright, now I bet you want to register right? This is the link for you guys to join: 
Make sure you follow them on social media, and participate in every question that they might ask!!! You are automatically entered to win a Daily Goodie Box, and they even give chances to the ones who have been registered but never got one. So go ahead and don’t miss out on the products!!!! Love you all and God bless.

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