New Years Resolution-2018

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2017 is literally one step away from saying good-bye! I am actually pretty happy that this year is ending because it was a tough one for me. I lost so many loved ones, was sick a lot, and was going through a hard time in life. Today I will be sharing my 11 goals that I would like to accomplish on 2018, and trust me when I say that I am ready for this coming year…I am READY!!!

  1. Blog– I know for a fact that next year I will write MORE! This year I have absent because there was so much going on. 2018 will be a year for me to refresh to bring all of you brand new content! My goal is to also meet more people, have more readers, and collab with one of you amazing bloggers! I always check your posts and totally enjoy reading them.
  2. YouTube– I know I was not consistent this year, but that is about to change 2018!! I am already working on my first brand new video for the first week of January! My goal is to reach 100 subscribers, if not more, and have new ideas each week to share with all of you.
  3. Music– As some of you may know I am a singer and songwriter! This Christmas I got my microphone which my friends are tired of hearing me brag about it lol! This is giving me a chance to get my music out there, and do covers to upload on my YouTube channel. I am so hyped!!!
  4. School– This past year it totally drained me in all of my classes….ALL! I would catch myself changing my mind about my career, wanting to give up, and just be into tears. On 2018, I am determined to be on top of my things because I will be graduating in May!!! Just saying and thinking that gives me a chill because I am so close!! The thought of graduating will be a reason for me to push myself further to finish.
  5. Organize– 2017 made me go all over the place! I am a very organized person, but I sorta lacked it as this year was flying by. So for 2018, I am planning to be more organized which will help me accomplish all of my goals.
  6. Health– These past few months I have been getting sick a lot. Basically, I was sick 3 weeks ago and 2 weeks later I got sick AGAIN! I am going to buy vitamins to take in so that way I won’t get sick so much for next year because I would like to enjoy the holidays. This year I did not even enjoy Christmas because I was sick in bed. So for 2018 I want to feel better!
  7. Weight Loss– I am the girl that LOVES FOOD! Heck, if food was a man I would had totally marry it in a heartbeat lol! This year I will do my best to eat healthy, exercise more often, and also stay consistent! I want to go back down to my normal weight which is 118 or even 120! I will update you guys on how much I weigh as time goes by. So far, I weigh right now 149….shoot me!!!! If any of you want to start a support group for weight loss then count me in!! Let’s get fit and accomplish our weight goal together!!
  8. Time with friends– I suck at managing time especially having time with my girls. I am always so stuck in my work and in other things that I forget about them. Also, spending time with them is so much needed because it is a stress reliever, and I know I can count on them in anything. 2018 will be the year they will see my face more often. 
  9. Time for Me– My time….just saying that sounds amazing! I need time to detox from everything, and everyone. I feel like I needed that this year but I was in denial thinking I was okay. This winter break, I was alone and had my time to even think about my future. Time alone feels amazing! Not only time for myself, but also working on my spiritual life which was much needed. Praying, getting stronger, wiser, and etc really helped me a lot. Also, it helped me think of more ideas to share with all of you, and it gave me time for nails as well makeup. 
  10. Dress up & Makeup– Lately, I am not the type that will dress up or wear makeup even for school. Every time I start and for some reason I always lack at it. Which is why I will slay 2018 like I never slayed a year before (Do people still say slay?!) lol! 2017 was a depressing year for me because so much was going on super fast. That is going to change for 2018, and I am bringing my hoops back!!! 
  11. Social Media– I would like to interact with more people in social media, and sharing ideas! You can all find me as: MishiPcm in every platform so don’t hesitate to follow, subscribe, send me a message, or even a comment! I want to get to know people who inspire, encourage, create, and have a positive outlook at life. Surrounding yourself with positive people is the way to go!!! 


Those are my 11 goals for 2018!!! Guess who is ready to kick 2017 out of the window? ME!!!! You know that feeling when something good is about to happen, and you cannot wait for it?! I can firmly say that 2018 will be my year, and I know with all of my heart that it will be a good one. I don’t know how I will accomplish everything, but one thing is for sure….God has all of this in his hands. I am still a work in progress which makes me happy to think that God is NOT done with me because he is just starting. Now that I said my goals I would like to know what you guys have planned for 2018! Is it weight-loss? Is it school wise? Is it getting yourself out there? Having your time? Share some of your thoughts with me, and if it’s weight loss know that I will be cheering you on along the way till you accomplish that goal! With all that being said, thank you for still being here with me in 2017, and walking with me through this journey called LIFE! I hope you all are still walking with me next year, and get ready for the surprises and giveaways I have in store ha! (I just gave ya’ll a hint stay tuned!!) Love you all, God bless, and……………..




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