Christmas Ideas For Her

Today I am on it! It has been a few weeks that I did not write anything on my blog so today I will be doing this other one just for you! So girls if you have a man and want to send this post to him go ahead! Maybe they can get an idea of what you would want, and men if you are seeing this don’t worry I will go easy on ya’ll. There will be 4 lists that I will put! I will start from the most expensive gifts, cheap, emergency gifts (hey it happens lol), and to the most sentimental. Depending on the girl you will find exactly what she needs in this post! Let’s get started! 



Girls LOVE jewelry! from earrings, rings, bracelets, or even a necklace this type of gift would be good for her. So if you still have no idea on what to get her then this would be perfect! 


Every girl goes CRAZY for makeup, perfumes, hair products, and more! If you men still have the time make sure you take your girl to one of these two places. Ask her what catches her eye and take a note on what she says! Surprise her with the item that she wants and she will be the happiest gal in the Christmas dinner. 


Shopping!! Sometimes you just really want to spend time with her over Christmas day, but you can’t cause all of the family is there. Take her out on that day to shop till she drops! However, tell her the limit that you have so she doesn’t go overboard lol! 


Are you living in a place where it is super cold right now? If you have the money plan a getaway with your girl! Take her to a place she will never forget for 1 week! Merry Christmas to her! lol! 


Last but not least electronics!! Have you noticed if she wants a specific phone? laptop? the newest iPad? Or a kindle? you guys can get her any electronic device, and if your girl loves to workout get her a fitbit! 



GIFT-CARDS!!!! Alright if you really do not know what to get her, or you are super late in what to get then this is the best thing ever! Get her a gift card of any store and give her a poem! It’s the thought that counts right? ha! This is the only thing I can come up with it because again its an emergency gift. Also, you can give her money but it would be best if you give her a gift card. Want a hint? ULTA, Sephora, Express, Amazon, TJ Mazz, Old Navy, Nordstorm, and Aeropostale. 



Bath & Body Works is my favorite place to shop!! If your girl loves all of this stuff then trust me she will be happy with this! They even have sells as in buy 2 and get 2 free! Sometimes they have everything for either $4 or even $3!!!! Keep a look out on the deals! 


ELF! I know I talked about makeup above, but ELF is one of the most known products that are sold in target or in any other store. One of the cheapest but very good brands! Right now target is selling gift-sets of elf! It has amazing colors and the brushes are just amazing!! I have some myself lol! The set is $10 and for each product if you buy it alone it will be $1.99. Not bad right?! 


Wet n Wild! If your girl is anything like me then she is addicted to nail polish! This brand is amazing and it does not chip after almost 2 weeks with the right top coat. This brand costs around $4 depending on where you buy it. Sometimes you can even find it at target for $1.99! Buy a lot of these and wrap it up as a gift that will be super cool. 


If you know the size of you girl then trust me Forever21 will be your best friend…just like mine lol! It has the most trending outfits and also it is super cheap! Some famous artist use this brand a lot! You can find a perfect outfit for $13 and match it with some jewelry from this store and BAM! You got her a perfect gift for Christmas.

download (1).jpg

ROSS!!!! Alright, just like Forever21 there is also ROSS! This store has always amazing deals! From shoes, dresses, makeup, and did I mention Purses?!?!?! You guys can find the best purse brand in here! There are some that would cost over $100 but you can find it here for only $30 or less!!! now this is a deal! 

Sentimental Gifts


If your girl is anything like me then she would want this over any Christmas gift ever. This list does not include pictures at all! I am the type where these things mean so much more then any other gift in the world. Take note guys! 

  1. Create a collage with all the pictures you took with her since the year started. For every picture make a little note on what that day meant for you. At the end of the last picture, tell her how much you love her and cannot wait to see what the new year holds.
  2.  Take her out to the first place you both had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make sure you guys sit on the same table, and talk about the memories you had when you first took her there. Make a poem on how much you want to share many more breakfasts, lunches, and dinners and at the end give her something that you want her to take forever in her heart. 
  3.     Learn how to make a simple but cute origami! If you learn how to make a rose then you can make a bouquet of roses, or ask someone to do this for you. Then you can give her a lip gloss or anything from the brand elf.   
  4. Get all of her favorite chocolates and put it in a cute jar! Decorate it with her name and buy the first movie you guys saw together. Get some popcorn and watch that movie that brought you too more close.
  5. Last but not least make her dinner and dance to the first song you guys danced when you guys first met! What will be even more amazing is making the first thing you guys ate together too! She her that you care about her, listen to her, and just spend quality time with her!                                                                                                                                      

You guys want to know something? Sometimes gifts are not everything in the world because it all fades away. What really counts is what it’s inside your heart! Gifts don’t mean a thing if you are a guy that cares for her, loves her, respects her, spends time with her, and just be with her for her! Why? because most girls just want your time and attention! We are really not that complicated, we don’t ask for a lot, and we really don’t need money from a man cause trust me honey we got it down better than ya’ll lol! So for this Christmas try to be a better you for her, and make her know how much you love her. I hope this list helped a little bit and made you figure out exactly what you would want to give her. If you guys think this helped then go ahead and share this post!!!! Love you all and good luck in trying to find the perfect present for your significant other!



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