Busy Week/Dealing with Stress


Alright ya’ll it is the end of the semester meaning FINAL EXAMS! Honestly, it is a pain because I am hanging on to my to my grades as if it was my life support. I am not doing bad in my classes, but there is one class that is really getting to me. Want to get an idea of what my schedule looks like? Check this out:

I have journals that were due yesterday which I need to send today, a research paper on telomeres that is due this coming week, the advanced anatomy practical exam on Tuesday, a lab presentation this coming Monday, a seminar presentation on Tuesday, an exam on Wednesday, an exam tomorrow, an essay due next week, the week before after next week are final exams, and to kill it I have a load of work at my job because I also work at my school. If this was not enough I have to come to the lab this Saturday and Sunday meaning I will be in school the whole week!!!!!

However, despite of all of this God continues to be good to me! Currently, I am sick because I just got the cold, and totally lost my voice. I have been drinking hot tea with honey the whole day so it is making it a little better. Also, I have plans in doing a mini travel during my winter vacation, and putting my adventures up on YouTube. So if you are ever in the Chicago Land area get ready to explore the places that I will write along later on. I will also put up recipes about my culture (Colombia and Guatemala) if anyone is interested in learning.


Stress-a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

This topic is really important to talk about because not only do I go through with it, but also everyone else. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, have a job, but also children have stress! One of the things that I have done to take this feeling away is meditating, and relaxing my eyes for a few minutes. By closing your eyes, you will be able to also relax your mind because you won’t be seeing your screen. Stress can be caused not only by work but also because of having to deal so much with a computer.

Let’s be honest, we always use our phone, IPod, laptop, or any other device to keep us entertain even if we do not have work to do on it. We forget about nature itself because we rely too much on technology and completely shut down.  Not only do we get stressed, we also gain weight and tend to eat more! Some people gain weight not because of eating (trust me it’s true) but also because of so much stress that is accumulated during the day. Food is a guilty pleasure and our minds work in a way that will make us eat even though we are not hungry.

What I started doing is having a fruit with me so when my brain sends a signal saying that I am hungry I just take a bite of the fruit, and totally forget that I need to eat which keeps me full. Another thing to do is listen to music, but classical music because it helps your brain to not only relax but also help your memory. For students are out there, the best way for you to remember what you learned is taking 15 minutes of break after each subject. Go for a run or just go outside and breathe! The more you look into a computer screen the more tired you will feel!

Children also need to have their own time, and by that I mean no technology! Back in the old days, I remember my parents would give me a box of crayons and tons of white paper. The reason for this is because it will help me draw and think outside of the box! It helped me be creative, and also come up with ideas on how to learn subjects on my own. Having coloring books just made it difficult for me to be creative because it was just literally coloring in the image. For adults, just having paper and pencil is a great way to relieve stress because we can just draw or write whatever it is on our mind.

Another tip to relieve stress is drink WATER! Water wakes you up, keeps you hydrated, and makes you concentrate better. The more sugar you consume (coffee included) the more you will crash, and get super tired! Also, you will remember everything you have learned and be able to concentrate better. I always do this because it helps me get all my plans, and really accomplish everything one by one. Plus it pushes me to do better and my time goes at a steady pace so I can finish everything on time.

That is all I have for today! I have to get back into my work, but I will write more later on! I would like to know what do you guys do to cope with your stress? Let me know so I can try the methods out! Also, if you try any of these methods let me know how it worked for you. God bless and have a great day!






  1. dreamfilleddaughter says:

    I am right there with you girl! I loved your tips to de-stress, much needed this time of year!!

    1. MishiPcm says:

      Thank you so much! and yes! During this time of year everyone needs to have a stress reliever it is so much needed!

      1. dreamfilleddaughter says:

        You’re very welcome! You actually inspired me to do a post combating stress as well! 🙂 Especially while we fight the exams haha

      2. MishiPcm says:

        Just followed you!! And I loved that you got inspired! I can’t wait to see your blog posts!! Hope you follow back =]

      3. dreamfilleddaughter says:

        Aw thank you so much!! 😍 Indeed I did! Again, thank you thank you, and you bet I will! 🙂

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