Thanksgiving Eve


It is Thanksgiving Eve ya’ll!!! This is one of my favorite holidays because this means, tomorrow is thanksgiving, and in a few weeks will be….CHRISTMAS!!!! Let’s not forget about Black Friday & Cyber Monday! What I love more about the day before thanksgiving is the fact that my mother cooks as if there is no tomorrow. She always tries her best to bring the good food to the table, and all those amazing sweets. Just yesterday she literally started with making cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake, and some Colombian with Guatemalan treats! As I am writing this blog my mom is still cooking away, and the house smells amazing! My favorite thing to eat during this holiday is potato salad with some bomb turkey, and stuffing. This is the time where everyone in the USA get together to give thanks to God for the things they have, will get, and had back in the day. Also, we remember the ones who passed away, and try our best to light up the mood during the holidays. Another thing that I love about this is the fact that everyone could take some time off, and rest to get ready for the next day. The people who do not live here in the USA might now know about Black Friday. Black Friday is a day after thanksgiving, specifically around midnight, where every store opens up with crazy discounts, and everyone makes a huge line starting at 10 pm on Thanksgiving day. Props to all of those working in stores for Black Friday because all of you have basically a 24 hours shift! Also, when it is Monday it is CYBER MONDAY for all of us who love to shop online! Stores online only on Monday get crazy and the store pages load super slow because everyone is trying to get their hands on great deals. I have a list on the things I want to buy because the sales are incredible. In addition, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days where everyone shops for Christmas presents to get ready for next month, and Christmas music is played all day everyday after Thanksgiving is officially over. What is usually on the table for thanksgiving are the most amazing dishes. For example, turkey (that is a must), potato salad, stuffing, corn bread, ham, other types of salads, rice, corn, other types of veggies, desserts of every kind, and whatever other food depending on where you are from. Yet, the one thing that should never miss is the TURKEY! I love how my mom makes it because it is always juicy!!!! In my family, we celebrate by having music played in the background, but most of all what we do is pray. We pray during this time of the year because we are thankful for everything God has blessed us with. We all go through difficult times in our life, but we never see the reason why we go through certain situations. So today is Thanksgiving eve and my question is: What are you thankful for? Think about it and reflect it tomorrow and try to make a list on the things you have now. Do not focus on the negative but count your blessings, and once you see that you will see how happy you will be. Tomorrow I will blog about the things we will be eating once the Thanksgiving dinner is over, and also I have a video prepared for all of you! So stay tuned and go out and have fun! Take today to help your loved ones in the kitchen, and if you are like me that needs to study then try to study with a smile lol! Make your environment a happy place to study and surround yourself with people who love you. You will see how fast your studying will go, and will have time to spend it with family and friends. God bless and Love ya’ll!! and HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVE!!! 



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