Exam Environment


Are you a student where you are struggling to study for an exam? I honestly cannot believe I am writing this post, but I have some suggestions for you! I am the type of girl where I get tired of studying in the same place every single time. Here are some of the things that I love to do, and I should be doing lol! So save this post or take out a pen and paper to write all of this down. 


Get yourself a planner and literally PLAN everything out! Set a time for each subject and for a break in between. Try not to stick so much into studying because your mind will get drained. Try to study the hard subjects first!! Then go to the easy ones that way time will fly by for you, and you will finish and learn quick! 

Coffee Shop

Being in a place where you can smell fresh coffee is literally the best place to study, and focus! Also, you can get a cup coffee for yourself or even tea. I usually love going to starbucks when I get the time to actually go. It has been a while I have not been to starbucks because I am an addict being there especially buying those cake-pops! Just try this type of environment and see if it works for you. 


Find a library near you where you feel comfortable to study, but check if you can rent a room. By that I mean try to find a library that can give you your own study room for a few hours. I always do this at my school and it actually helps me concentrate. Make sure that it has a white board for you to write notes down so you are able to learn quickly. 

Bring your Classmates

Classmates become friends when taking the same subject. Try to be with them more often and form a study group. Also, included people in the same field to join in! For example, I am a premed student but I also have friends who are nurses or studying to be something in the medical field. Studying with them helps me gain more knowledge in my own field because I am exposed to new information from every subject. 

Teach your siblings

I usually have this habit where it helps me a lot to teach my own baby sister. In return, she learns more in the process of myself teaching her my subjects! Thanks to my teachings, she knows her chemistry from left to right, all honors student, and now she wants to learn calculus which she is only 14 years old! By the time she was 11, she already knew how to calculate bonds and chemistry equations. Teaching your siblings are literally a life saver to your studies. 

Teach your partner

If your significant other does not understand your struggle bring him/her around, and teach them too. That can be a way for both of you to bond and also your other half can quiz you on your materials. The bonus part is that he/she will understand what you go through, and will help you out in every way possible. 


Take GOOD notes! If using different colors helps then do it! This is something I lack from time to time, but I have to get on it all over again. Making your notes colorful and writing down things you NEED to know will help you in the exam.


Have something to eat while you study because that can help you get more energy so that you are fully concentrated. Try to not eat fatty foods and be healthy in the snacks you pick. For example, fruits, carrots with ranch, yogurt, crackers, cheese, or something in that sort so you can concentrate better. 


You MUST drink water while you study! Coffee is good but cold water will wake you up very quick! Try to drink water and if you want add a slice of lemon to it and watch yourself being more productive than usual. 

Stress Ball

Get yourself a stress ball!!!! We all get stressed while studying and having a stress ball by your side will help you get rid of all the stress. 


Some people, like myself, need music to concentrate lol! try to find music that will help you ease your mind while studying because you will be able to understand your subject better. 


Create your own study space at home, but make sure it is a space where it is not that cozy! Especially, make sure you are far away of the things that might distract you. For example, bed, television, phone, kitchen, or just your favorite place in your house. My problem is that I have my study space in my room….near my bed…..which has all my favorit things lol! Which is why I tend to work in the dining room and it helps most of the time. 

Have Fun

Be creative when you study! If using your own song, making up a song, create your own soap opera, and making your own crazy story helps then go for it! By that I mean, create your own things with the subjects that you study. Little by little you will learn everything in no time. 


So far that is all I have but the main point is for you to find a place that you will be comfortable studying. Try to take long walks during the break that you set for yourself, and try not to stare on a screen so much just because your eyes might get tired. Also, being so much on the computer will give you headaches or make you not want to continue studying. Find a new routine for each brand new semester!! Let me know if any of you have other ways to study so I can try it out!! Love ya’ll!!!




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