Cooking, Birthday, and more!


Hey ya’ll what is everyone up to today?! It is Monday meaning a brand new week! I am so excited because this Wednesday is my father’s birthday! I am trying to plan a surprise for him because he deserves the best! He is such a loving and caring father even if there are times where I disagree with him in a lot of topics lol! Days like today, I wake up thinking of the people that surround me everyday. It is amazing to know that I have great people that are always beside me, and especially I have no haters in my circle. I tend to take away those negative people in my life because they bring nothing good. I cleaned all my circle to a minimum, and I plan to keep it that way.

Anyways, I am trying to find new ideas in regards to cooking because I would like to try something new! How many of you are from Asia? Let me tell you that your food is AMAZING!!! It is so good but hard to make! I would like to know if any of you would want to teach me? lol! Or how many of you have a cooking blog so I can look at it? I would like to make something on my channel, but something that no Latina has ever cooked. There are rare Latina’s that cook Asian food and I want to be one of those “rare ones”. I find it interesting on how the spices all work together to literally create an amazing taste that I can never explain. I have a friend from India and her mom makes the BEST chicken curry!

Also, I have tried Thai curry and it is insane on how good it is! If any of you would like to know about Colombian or Guatemalan cooking I am the girl that you need lol! I am able to teach ya’ll the good stuff from my culture if you teach me yours. One day I would love to travel to Asia, and get to know the culture more. I am interested in learning a new language, cooking, fashion, and etc because that is what makes every part of this world unique. However, I feel that food brings everyone together to the table which is why I would like to learn how to cook more.  

For today, I have a whole lot of things going on because I did not finish my lab report that is due today (I know it sucks). I pulled an all-nighter, but that was not enough for me to finish. I will talk about my report later on, but I will give you guys a hint. It is about a sushi sample! It is interesting to see the different types of sequencing that the fish has lol! I will show you all later, and maybe even some data if you are interested lol! So yeah let me know if any of you have a blog based on food!!! I want to see new recipes, recreate one of your yummy art pieces, and tag you when I do it as well as giving you a shout out on my channel! I hope you all are having a great Monday so far I will come back later on. Love ya’ll and God bless! 




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