Depression Through My Eyes


A word that makes me want to cover up in my sheets, and never come out.


The sense that no one would possibly understand because their lives seem to be too “perfect”. 


What some people in the world go through because it is just like a disease that only they can understand. 


Meaning a struggle because it takes a champ to get back up and going no matter what the outcome might be.


The fact that you know that there are many people out there like you which you would like to help. Yet, it’s horrible because before helping someone out you need to conquer this yourself. 


Things that happen in your life that you think you have no solution. Therefore, you always stay in the same place.


It’s like the devil itself which laughs in front of your face because you are still in the same dark space without being able to break out of it. 


The fear that you have because you think you will let your loved ones down which makes you feel hopeless as each second passes by. 


A deep blue ocean that’s trying to drown you deeper because it sees that you are weak. Which you become the food of those predators in the deep blue sea. 


You feel that no one loves you so you try so hard to please others, but you still feel that there is much more than that.


A horrible music playing inside your head as you hear voices telling you what to do, but still can’t  figure out what the correct voice might be.


Having this feeling as it affects your health by being sick more often as you pull it off saying, “It’s just a cold.” 

Depression. Depression. Depression. 

I wrote this because like many of you out there I have struggled through this before. It is a hard long journey because no matter what you do you still feel like it is not good enough. Fortunately, after battling with all of this I got out of it! Depression is NOT a joke and could sometimes be even dangerous because it affects the health. You are NOT alone and you will conquer this crappy feeling. Surround yourself with positive people, take long walks, breathe in, and relax. If you are struggling with depression I am happy to help you out. Send me a message and I will get back to you in no time. I am in the making of a video that will show what depression REALLY looks like so people can be aware of it. Check out my two channels so you can have a good laugh if you are having a bad day.

Click there >>> MishiPcm Channel & Mishi & Carlos Channel <<< Click there.

Love you all so much,



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