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People now a days cannot find comfort in their own zone. They think that everything will just fall into place without working hard. You see, when you do so many things, that feeling of not being able to accomplish anything, always comes to mind. School, work, family, and more can be a complicated situation when you are trying to accomplish your goal.  I don’t know how many times I have stressed over the smallest thing, and I get frustrated! I keep having so many things in mind that I want to accomplish that at times I feel like I lose myself.

Portraying a person that “society” wants to see really sucks because no matter what you do you are still not perfect. I came at a point where I had to say SCREW THEM! I remember trying to act a certain way, do things a certain way, and even changing the way I acted because of how society is…today. See what I’m trying to say? Every season changes making you change, but really all those changes will get you stressed. Now I don’t know exactly what you are going through, but I felt like just getting on my laptop and write away. So many get stressed…overwhelmed because they feel that no matter what they do…they are still not “perfect”.

Why be perfect when you can be unique? Why be perfect when you can be “imperfectly perfection”? being yourself, not losing yourself, doing your own things, and accomplishing goals at a certain pace is just who you are! No one in this world is exactly like you because you are YOURSELF! Once you start loving who you are you will feel less stressed, less overwhelmed, and loving your own pace. Every step of this crazy road called life is a memory. One step, two steps, three steps, and four steps is your own step in this life and no one can take a step like you can.

All those problems you might have that are stressing you out can be calmed down when you start looking at yourself, and loving yourself. You will find yourself laughing at a problem that is not so big, and you will see that once you fall in love with you. People stress about problems, not because they cannot handle it, but because they wished they were someone else without those problems. They think that others have it way easier that they wished to have their life! Even when it comes to financial situations they tend to lose themselves into the concept of doing something that others do just because they have the money.

There are some people who do not have nothing to eat but they are so happy! There are people that might have worse problems then you and they still feel free! Why is that? Because they are strong, they believe in themselves, and most importantly they love themselves. Look around you for a moment and find someone that you love, and ask yourself what they mean to you. Ask yourself if he, she, or they that truly love you would want to see you down?

In the process of being stressed we also forget the people that truly love us, or look up to us. You can be a mother that is super stressed and at times you just want to give up…but ask yourself if that is the example you would like to give to your daughters or sons? The same goes for fathers because at the end of the day they look up to you, and want to be like you.

Students out there that are stressed and just want to leave education behind ask yourself if it’s worth letting your family down? Or you sibling who looks up to you, and if that’s the future you are expecting? People who love you want the best for you, never want to see you stressed, and want to see your succeed in life.

In order to do that, you need to love who you are and gain your confidence back. Walk up with your head held high and remind yourself who you really are…cause I’m pretty sure your mother/father did not raise you the wrong way. Don’t be negative, stop being stressed, smile often, laugh at your problems, and never keep your eyes off your prize. Be determined and tackle those things that make you overwhelmed, and pray to God to get you off that feeling because there is nothing worse than feeling like you want to cry.

Remember that if I could do it so can you, and never forget that the Lord is with you where ever you go. God always has the right answers but you just need to seek the presence in order to see it. If you felt that this blog was meant for you, and this really helped you think clearly I am glad it did! If you think there is someone out there that you know that needs to read this go ahead and share this with them. Sometimes the people that need to hear, what they NEED to hear, are the ones who are quiet, and don’t want to talk about what they are going through.  

I hope all of you are having a great night, and others who are in a different time zone I hope all of you have  great day/afternoon. 









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