Ahhh! So I am traveling tomorrow and I still have not packed…I am just sitting here thinking of work, and hearing music….that is what happens when you work too much lol! Plane rides are literally the best! I have the habit that whenever I travel I try my best to get the window seat. I love seeing the morning because everything looks so beautiful..maybe its just me, but really its amazing to see all the creations that God has made! Every time I get to travel I feel blessed because I have such an amazing opportunity to be up in the friendly skies. Yet, I still get a bit nervous because of the turbulence that might happen along the way. I still remember as if it was yesterday when mom and I traveled to her country to visit some family members, and the turbulence was horrible. I remember I prayed for it to stop because I was just so scared. Never had I experience that before till that day only. Now lets compare that turbulence from the environment to the turbulence in our daily life. How is that so? Well, we all have to face turbulence once in a while because so many problems can take our life to a different direction. Whenever I have a problem I face it and try to get over it, but most of all I pray about it. You see through prayer you can accomplish so many things that you may never thought of….God is a great God and the Lord is always there to guide you along the way. I have no idea why I am even writing about this, but I feel that someone out there needed to see this….God LOVES YOU! Whatever problem you might be facing just know that he is right there to give you a hand. Sometimes God can be silent in order to test your faith…God wants to see how much you trust in his power. God is an amazing God and he will never leave your side. I have no idea what problem you are facing…It can be family problems, school problems, job problems, or you are just depressed for something so little that maybe the solution is right there yet you do not see it! Whenever you experience turbulence in your life just remember this:

You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance. Psalm 32:7-8

God will never ever leave your side so trust in him and keep going forward! Try to make that turbulence in your life disappear, and start fresh! Count your blessings and take away the negative, and never forget that problems will always happen. You just need to trust in the Lord because his plans, and timings are always perfect. Sometimes we need to go through fire in order to shine. Sometimes we need to go through tears in order to smile because that will not only make us wise, but also stronger. I hope you all enjoy this Sunday reflection today! I love you all and God bless each and every one of you. If this spoke to you today let me know, and don’t be shy to send me a message. I will try my best to respond ASAP. If you need advice in anything remember that I am just…one…click…away. 

~Michele Carvajal

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