Déjà vu

Hey ya’ll! Have any of you ever had a dream that felt so real that when you wake up you think it happened the day before? Well, this happened to me today when I woke up. I was dreaming that I was in an event that I was leading, and when I woke up it felt like it was just yesterday. Honestly, it felt weird because the last time that I had a dream like this (as far as I can remember) was maybe two years ago. I started to think what if those dreams that seem so real actually did happen? Just think about it for a moment. What would you change in that dream to make it even better even if it was a nightmare? Sometimes I wonder how there are dreams that can usually tell the future, but you just don’t realize it. This is where the word Déjà vu comes along! The fact that you feel a certain event has occurred in your life (that you have seen before) is because you might have had a dream about it. When I was little I started having that experience of getting Déjà vu’s and it scared me! I remember that I was at a McDonalds with my mom, and because I did something that she didn’t like she yelled at me. The weird thing is that when it happened I looked at her blank because I could have sworn that happened before. I did not know how to explain it back then till I started having more Déjà vu’s  later on in life. Now I sometimes wished that I can dream more so I can see “the future” that “sorta” awaits for me. Dreams do come true….but if they were exactly like the dream then we can have the power to change it. What types of Déjà vu’s have you had? or what event in your life has happened that you have seen before? Feel free to share! I hope you all have an amazing day! 

~Michele Carvajal 

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