Mothers Day Poem

Your love is like a river peaceful indeed, and you help others when one is in need. The way that I admire you  I can never explain because you are a super woman that helps me to always be sane.

Your soul is like a secret that I can never understand, how beautiful you are even when you are mad. Every thing you do and every where you go, its always a blessing to see you grow.

Your strength is out of this world, the way you keep going is what I love that I always wish that I can be half of what you are. There is no one in this world that can ever take your place because you are unique with so much grace.

From the day that I was born, till now that I am grown, you are the one that I will fight and give my life for. I love you more beyond words and I promise to be, that daughter that you know from now till eternity. 

Happy Mothers day mom and one thing is true that I totally know that God must have spent a little more time on you. 

*Dedicate to my wonderful mother Dora Carvajal Moreno she is literally the best one in the whole wide world!*

~Michele Carvajal

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