Poem: Sister

For every hour, for every second, for every minute, for each day, I praise God he made you unique, and special in your own way. My life changed since the day you were born, there were feelings that I could not express before. From being happy to anxious I never knew the journey that was awaiting,

With you there is always an adventure, with you there is always a smile, and always at the end of the day I would not have it any other way. Even if sometimes we might fight I know that at the end of the day, everything will be alright. Today you turn 14, an age you will never forget, so always remember to praise God for each new day that you get.

Always remember, you are loved, one of a kind, special in my eyes, even though you might get stubborn at times, you are still more smart than anyone you will ever find. The love I have for you sister will ALWAYS grow, you have my heart, and that I promise you as each year you grow a little bit more old.  

Happy birthday girl and always remember, that this life you should always see it as a treasure. For today is promised, but tomorrow might not, just remember that every step you take dedicate that to God. Your talents the Lord has given you, the wisdom the Lord has grant you, so praise him everyday, and watch your blessings increase as your birthday passes by every single May.  

This is dedicated to my baby sister who I love so dearly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING!

~Michele Carvajal 

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