Food Adventure: Sugar Fixe

A few days ago, I went out after doing my exams in search for something that was sweet. but very good. Who knew that just around my school I would find this amazing little place where they serve so many amazing desserts for a perfect price! The place is called:

Sugar Fixé Patisserie 

These are some of the things that they serve: 

Cute yet so good!
That nutella though…Yes NUTELLA! HA!
This was amazing to try, but do you see that coffee?! In love!
download (2).jpg
I had so many of those lol!


The place makes you feel like you are actually in France lol I love walking in there and feeling like royalty. Also, they do wedding cakes and so much more!! This is how it looks on the outside: 


They are located in two places the first one is at: 

119 N Marion St, Oak Park, IL 60301 

and the second one is at: 

958 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL 60614

So if you guys are around the area go ahead, and stop by to try these amazing treats out! You will not regret it!! Love ya’ll and enjoy! 


~Michele Carvajal

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