Life Is Short

This week has been very stressful for me…a good friend of mine who was like my brother passed away. It got me thinking of the concept of life, and how it is very short. Even with a blink of an eye you can miss so much of what this earth has to offer. There are people in the world that are dying right now, but you are reading this blog. Sometimes people think that their problems are so much greater when really having problems is actually a blessing. You might be thinking, “why are my problems a blessing?” well it is simple…you get to have a solution, you get to breath, you get to see another day, you are healthy, and most important you do not have a situation where you are fighting to live.

People take every second for granted thinking that they might get it back the next day. Honestly, you will not because every second is a treasure, every second is an opportunity, every second is a blessing, every second is a miracle, and every second is a memory that you will have for the rest of your life. Today I also found out that my dad’s best friend just died so you may already know how I feel because it is like a funeral after another. Just in December of 2016 I lost my grandma, this past week I lost someone who was like a brother to me, and today my dad lost his best friend.

Having to lose someone so dearly hurts so much, but there is peace knowing that they are all in heaven. You see our days on this earth are counted, but all of us have a place in the kingdom of God when we let the Lord come into our lives. People talk on how amazed they were when I lost my grandma, and my friend but I smile and I say that the Lord is the one that gives me strength. Not must myself but also my best friend who is the sister of the person who I call my brother. In this time, today we all need peace because life the next day is never granted.

Therefore, I am writing to you guys today to do something that has been placed in my heart. Please go ahead and LIVE, LOVE, SMILE, LAUGH, HUG & KISS YOUR LOVED ONES, and most important of all do not take anything for granted! Go ahead and travel the world, study what you want to learn, cook something you have never tired, try new things, enjoy every second, and explore every single inch of this earth. This planet is beautiful so why not go out and see what it has to offer? From the smallest animal to the most biggest one everything has been perfectly made.

If you guys have problems just remember …they are a blessing. If you are going through something that does not relate to fight for your own life then SMILE! Look up at the sky and remind yourself that everything is going to be ALRIGHT! So many people out there suffer from a medical condition, but they continue smiling. Some children out there do not have anything to eat, but they do not complain rather they jump and down and laugh. So if you have everything but you are going through a specific thing think of others and compare your problems to everyone else.

We all fight different battles, but just know that if your problem does not involve a condition where you think you are about to die then everything is going to be alright. Pray and if you do not believe in God just remember that when you feel alone everyone else who love you are right there next to you. For myself, I have family but most important of all I have God and the peace that invades my life and I know everything is going to be alright.

I just wanted to say this to all of you because I feel that someone out there might relate to this post. If any of you lost someone that you love …TRUST ME I know the pain. For now, just cry it all out and if it makes you feel better then shout! But take all that pain out and just remember that everything is going to be alright. You are here for a reason so make every second out, and if you related to anything please let me know so I can do my best to help you in anything you might need.

I hope you all of you are having a wonderful day.

God bless you, I love you all, and remember if you guys need any advice in any type of topic I am just ….one….click….away.

~Michele Carvajal


  1. Cheila says:

    I’m really sorry about your friend!! Sending hugs!!

    1. Michele Carvajal says:

      Thank you so much! It means a lot!

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