Unboxing PinchMe

Hey everyone! here I introduced PinchMe! Like I said in my previous blog post it felt like Christmas seeing the mailman bringing in these amazing goodies!


The first thing in this box that I got was Sensodyne toothpaste:


I know about this toothpaste because I am a user lol! For people who have sensitive teeth or have braces like I do this actually helps your teeth to feel good, and you can see improvements after a week of using it. You can get this at Target for only $5.49! 

The second product in the box was the Celestial Seasoning Sleepytime Herbal tea:


I honestly loved this tea! This helped me relax so much because I am always with stress due to so much work that I have to do throughout the day. Also, it has a pleasant taste to it, and if you are a tea drinker like myself you are going to love this! You can get this at target for only $2.49! But this only works for some people not all! if you go ahead and check out the reviews you will find some that will not like it because it does not help them at all. Each person is different, but it does not hurt to try it out. I personally like this very much. 

The last product in the box was the Aqua Velva Sensitive 5 in 1 After Shave Balm: 


Alright girls, If any of you have a boyfriend or are already married this is perfect to buy for him! I had to give this one to my boyfriend as soon as I got it lol! What he told me is that he loved it! He said that it helped his skin, and it has a pleasant smell. He recommends this to any guy other there, and you can find this at target for only $4.99! 


These were all the products that I got from this company, and you do not need a credit card at all. The only thing they ask from you is to give out your most honest opinion, and that is it! To find out more visit their website at www,pinchme.com to get more information. 


~Michele Carvajal 


*I got these products from pinchme as a complementary to give out a review. All opinions are my own* 

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