Unboxing Exactly

Last Unboxing of the day! So exciting!



Alright lets get right into the products because there are a lot! 


  1. Pure Leaf – $ 4.99 at Target
  2. Chocolate TCHO- http://www.tcho.com/ 
  3. WHOSSH!- $9.99 at Target
  4. Bras- https://www.thirdlove.com/
  5. Cascade- $3.99 at Target
  6. Now and Later Sour Shell Shock- $5.99 at Target
  7. Aussie- $5.99 at Target
  8. Ebooks For Everyone- http://www.earlybirdbooks.com/


All these products are amazing! I love how Pure Leaf gives me a relaxing time! I used to buy this brand before,  but then I decided to buy new ones to experiment other flavors. The Chocolate is AWESOME! I am in LOVE with this brand of chocolate! If any of you men read this blog then buy this for you significant other lol! The WHOSSH! helped clean my phone so I will be buying this product again because unlike other brands that I have tried this one really helped a lot. Girls listen up the company ThirdLove makes your own unique bra however you would want it! You ladies will like this site so go ahead and check it out on your own! The Cascade for the dishwasher I had to give this one to my boss because she has one. She told me she really liked it because her dishes were more cleaner, and she did not had to re-wash her dishes again like she did with other brands. The Now and Later Sour Shell Shock was so good! Once you have one piece you get addicted to it, and you cannot stop eating them lol! If you love sour candy then you know exactly what I mean. The Aussie hairspray was not my favorite because my hair smelled so fruity, and I am the type of girl that does not love fruity scents, but if you love that type of stuff then I totally recommend this for you! The only thing that I liked was that it kept my hair in place, but the smell I honestly did not like it as much. Last and final product was the EBOOKS! I love to read so getting a free e-book was just what I needed to get the one I wanted! 


Exactly is a company where they will send you products, and no credit card is required. However, you need to be an online shopper and give out reviews for each product that you might get in the box. That is basically it! To learn more about this company head on over to https://getexactly.co/ for more information on how to get this box. 

I hope you guys liked this Unboxing on Saturday!! 

~Michele Carvajal 


*All products were sent to me as a complimentary to give a review. All opinions are my own.* 

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